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Title 32Subtitle AChapter ISubchapter M → Part 252

Title 32: National Defense


§252.1   Purpose.
§252.2   Applicability.
§252.3   Definitions.
§252.4   Policy.
§252.5   Responsibilities.
§252.6   Procedures.

Authority: E.O. 12715, May 3, 1990, 55 FR 19051; 10 U.S.C. 2606, 2554, and 2555.

Source: 81 FR 3961, Jan. 25, 2016, unless otherwise noted.

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§252.1   Purpose.

This part updates policy and outlines fiscal and logistical support that the DoD may provide to qualified scouting organizations operating on U.S. military installations overseas.

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§252.2   Applicability.

This part applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments, the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, the combatant commands, the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, and all other organizational entities within the DoD (referred to collectively in this part as “the DoD Components”).

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§252.3   Definitions.

These terms and their definitions are for the purposes of this part.

DoD personnel and their families. Members of the Military Services and their family members and DoD civilian employees and their family members.

Military Services. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Qualified scouting organization. The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

Sponsored organization or sponsored council. Scouting organizations or councils authorized to operate as scouting affiliates on military installations.

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§252.4   Policy.

It is DoD policy to cooperate with and assist qualified scouting organizations in establishing and providing facilities and services, within available resources, at locations outside the United States to support DoD personnel and their families in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2606, 2554, and 2555 and Executive Order 12715, “Support of Overseas Scouting Activities for Military Dependents”.

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§252.5   Responsibilities.

(a) The Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (USD(P&R)) oversees development and implementation of this part.

(b) The DoD Component heads implement this part and comply with its provisions.

(c) In addition to the responsibilities in paragraph (b) of this section and acting as the DoD Executive Agent for DoD support to the BSA and GSUSA local councils and organizations in areas outside of the United States in accordance with 32 CFR part 212, the Secretary of the Army:

(1) Makes policy determinations in coordination with the other Military Department Secretaries regarding topics including, but not limited to, support that:

(i) DoD installation commanders are authorized to provide to the scouting program and personnel.

(ii) The scouting organization provides to DoD.

(2) Ensures accountability for appropriated fund (APF) and non-appropriated fund (NAF) assets used in the support of qualified scouting organizations.

(3) Provides input for and works with the scouting organizations in establishing the extent and scope of the annual scouting programs in support of DoD personnel and their families within the parameters established in this part and available resources.

(4) Ensures that the cost of the support provided is shared by each of the Military Services in proportion to benefits derived by their members from scouting programs overseas.

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§252.6   Procedures.

(a) General guidance. (1) Support provided by DoD and services provided by qualified scouting organizations is documented in a written agreement and signed by the appropriate regional combatant commander or designee. Installation-specific support and services are documented in a written agreement and signed by the installation commander or designee. This agreement replaces the need for qualified scouting organizations to submit individual articles of incorporation, written constitutions, charters, or articles of agreement to gain approval from the installation commander to operate on the installation as required by 32 CFR part 212.

(2) Overseas installation commanders may authorize DoD support for qualified scouting organizations outside the United States when:

(i) Support is permitted under international agreements with the host nation, if applicable.

(ii) Support is permitted pursuant to law and DoD issuances.

(iii) Such support is within the capabilities of their respective installations.

(iv) Providing such support will not impede fulfillment of the military mission.

(3) Committees composed of representatives of the Military Services will be formed to review annual qualified scouting organization budget requirements.

(4) Overseas scouting committees will provide the overseas scouting organizations with information on the scouting requirements of DoD personnel and will monitor and evaluate the scouting organizations' efforts to satisfy those requirements.

(5) Funds raised by the scouting organizations, as a non-Federal entity, cannot be commingled with NAF funds and will be made available for annual audits.

(6) Employees of a qualified scouting organization are not considered to be U.S. Government employees, or employees of an instrumentality of the United States for the purpose of benefits or entitlements.

(i) APF is not used to reimburse their salaries and benefits.

(ii) They are not entitled to participate in the NAF retirement fund.

(iii) Serving in those positions does not constitute NAF employment credit or produce rehire priority.

(7) These organizations generally are not covered under the terms of United States' Status of Forces or other relevant agreements with host nations.

(i) Questions regarding whether they are covered under such agreements should be referred to the legal office servicing the applicable command. Applicability of any relevant agreements would be addressed with the host nation only by the applicable command, and not the organization.

(ii) To the extent the organization is not covered under any relevant agreement, host nation laws apply. In all cases, the host nation will determine the scope and extent of the applicability of host nation laws to these employees.

(b) Funding guidance. (1) Any APF and NAF support provided will be programmed and approved on an annual basis by the DoD Components. NAF support is authorized for youth activities programs in accordance with DoD Instruction 1015.15, “Establishment, Management, and Control of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities and Financial Management of Supporting Resources” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/101515p.pdf) and for qualified scouting organizations in accordance with paragraph (b)(5) of this section.

(2) APF may be used in conjunction with overseas scouting organizations. The following services may be provided on a non-reimbursable basis:

(i) Transportation of executive personnel (to include household goods and baggage) of qualified scouting organizations:

(A) When on invitational travel orders.

(B) To and from overseas assignments.

(C) While providing scouting support to DoD personnel and their families. Transportation of supplies of qualified scouting organizations necessary to provide such support may also be provided.

(ii) Office space where regular meetings can be conducted, and space for recreational activities.

(iii) Warehousing.

(iv) Utilities.

(v) Means of communication.

(3) DoD may provide the following additional support to scouting executives assigned overseas:

(i) Pursuant to section API 3.18 of DoD 4525.6-M, “Department of Defense Postal Manual” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/452506m.pdf), access to use Military Services postal services is authorized.

(ii) Pursuant to section of Department of Defense Education Activity Regulation 1342.13, “Eligibility Requirements for Education of Elementary and Secondary School-age Dependents in Overseas Areas” (available at http://www.dodea.edu/Offices/Regulations/index.cfm), access to DoD Dependents Schools (overseas) may be provided on a space-available, tuition-paying basis.

(iii) Pursuant to 32 CFR part 230, use of military banking facilities operated under DoD contracts is authorized.

(iv) Pursuant to DoD Instruction 1015.10, “Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Programs” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/101510p.pdf), the use of morale, welfare, and recreation programs may be provided.

(v) Pursuant to 32 CFR part 161, medical care in uniformed services facilities on a space-available basis at rates specified in uniformed services instructions, with charges collected locally, is authorized.

(vi) Pursuant to Office of Management and Budget Circular A-45, “Rental and Construction of Government Quarters” (available at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars__a045) and subparagraph 2.c(1)(e) of DoD 4165.63-M, “DoD Housing Management” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/416563m.pdf), when DoD-sponsored civilian personnel serving DoD military installations at foreign locations cannot obtain suitable housing in the vicinity of an installation, they and their families may occupy DoD housing on a rental basis. The Military Service determines the priority of such leasing actions. These civilians are required to pay the established rental rate in accordance with DoD 4165.63-M and Military Service guidance.

(vii) Pursuant to DoD Instruction 1330.17, “DoD Commissary Program” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/133017p.pdf), overseas installation commanders or Secretaries of the Military Departments may extend commissary access through official support agreements.

(viii) Pursuant to DoD Instruction 1330.21, “Armed Services Exchange Regulations” (available at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/133021p.pdf), the Secretaries of the Military Departments may grant Armed Forces Exchange deviations with regard to authorized patron privileges for individuals or classes and groups of persons at specific installations when based on alleviating individual hardships.

(4) NAF may be used in conjunction with qualified scouting organizations to:

(i) Reimburse for salaries and benefits of employees of those organizations for periods during which their professional scouting employees perform services in overseas areas in direct support of DoD personnel and their families.

(ii) Reimburse travel to and from official meetings of the overseas scouting committee upon approval from the appropriate combatant commander.

(5) The total amount of NAF support for the scouting program must not exceed 70 percent of the total cost of the scouting program.

[81 FR 3961, Jan. 25, 2016, as amended at 81 FR 61615, Sept. 7, 2016]

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