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e-CFR data is current as of January 16, 2020

Title 46Chapter ISubchapter UPart 194 → Subpart 194.20

Title 46: Shipping

Subpart 194.20—Chemical Stores and/or Storerooms

§194.20-1   General.
§194.20-3   Responsibility.
§194.20-5   Ventilation.
§194.20-7   Fire protection.
§194.20-9   Storage.
§194.20-11   Flushing systems.
§194.20-15   Chemical stores other than compressed gases.
§194.20-17   Compressed gases.
§194.20-19   Piping and electrical requirements.

§194.20-1   General.

(a) The chemical storerooms shall be considered to be service areas and as such shall be subject to the applicable requirements of §190.07-10(d).

(1) Installed equipment, such as shelves and cabinets, shall be constructed of incombustible materials.

(2) The access doors to the storeroom shall bear the inscription “Chemical Storeroom.”

(b) Storage and cleanliness shall be consistent with good chemical stowage practices.

(c) The deck of the chemical storeroom shall be of a nonskid material suitably resistant to chemical spills. Provision shall be made for the containment and removal of chemical spills.

(d) Chemical reactions and experiments shall not be conducted in the chemical storeroom.

(e) A storeroom, when used as a chemical storeroom, shall be exclusively for the stowage of chemical stores.

(f) All doors shall open in the direction of escape.

(g) Movement of chemical stores to, or from, the storeroom shall be accomplished utilizing suitable, portable containers. In no event shall piping systems, or similar arrangements, be permitted for transfer of chemical stores between the storeroom and the area in which the chemical stores are to be used.

§194.20-3   Responsibility.

(a) With the knowledge and approval of the master the senior member of the scientific party embarked may supervise the safety and operation of the chemical storerooms.

(b) The chemical storeroom supervisor shall:

(1) Maintain the highest standards of safe working conditions.

(2) Provide safeguards against hazardous undertakings.

(3) Educate personnel working in, and near, the storeroom to be alert for hazards.

§194.20-5   Ventilation.

(a) Chemical storerooms shall be equipped with a power ventilation system of exhaust type. The system shall have a capacity sufficient to effect a complete change of air in not more than 4 minutes based upon the volume of the compartment.

(1) Power ventilation units shall have nonsparking impellers and shall not produce a source of vapor ignition in either the compartment or the ventilation system associated with the compartment.

(2) This ventilation system shall be independent of any other ventilation system. It shall serve no other space in the vessel. It shall be of watertight construction.

(3) Inlets to exhaust ducts shall be provided and located at points where concentration of vapors may be expected. Ventilation exhaust outlets shall terminate more than 6 feet from any opening to the interior part of the vessel and from any possible source of vapor ignition. Terminals shall be fitted with acceptable flame screens.

(4) The control for the power ventilation system shall be conveniently located and marked in a manner to clearly identify the purpose of the control.

(b) Provisions shall be made so that the chemical storeroom will be ventilated before it is entered. An Indicator shall be provided outside the space to show that ventilation is being provided. In addition, the storeroom shall be marked “Danger—Ventilate Before Entering.”

§194.20-7   Fire protection.

(a) Each chemical storeroom must be protected by a fixed automatic extinguishing system using carbon dioxide or a clean agent complying with 46 CFR subpart 95.16, installed in accordance with 46 CFR subpart 193.15.

(b) Portable fire extinguishers are required in accordance with Table 193.50-10(a) of this subchapter.

[CGFR 67-83, 33 FR 1151, Jan. 27, 1968, as amended by USCG-2006-24797, 77 FR 33894, June 7, 2012]

§194.20-9   Storage.

(a) Chemical stores shall be stored in the chemical storeroom as prescribed in §194.05-1(b).

(b) All items stored in the storeroom shall be secured against shifting and with due consideration for chemical compatibility and safety standards.

(1) Items shall not be stowed on the deck.

(2) Shelving shall be so constructed as to provide a clear space of at least 4 inches between the bottom shelf and the deck.

§194.20-11   Flushing systems.

(a) Provision shall be made for flushing away chemical spills.

(b) If a drainage system is installed, it shall be separate from any other drainage system.

§194.20-15   Chemical stores other than compressed gases.

(a) Flammable liquids are excluded from the storeroom unless contained in properly marked and labeled metal safety cans not in excess of 5 gallons of each kind. Refer to subpart 194.05 for applicable requirements governing quantities greater than 5 gallons.

(b) Combustible liquids in approved portable drums, barrels or containers not in excess of 55 gallons of each kind may be stored in the storeroom. Refer to subpart 194.05 for applicable requirements governing quantities greater than 55 gallons.

(c) Containers when used for dispensing flammable and combustible liquids shall be equipped with automatic closing valves.

(d) Poisons listed in 49 CFR part 172 may be stored in approved containers in the chemical storeroom.

(e) Explosives and oxidizing materials not for use in the chemical laboratory shall not be stored in the chemical storeroom.

(f) Chemical stores specifically mentioned in 49 CFR part 172 may be carried in the chemical storeroom.

[CGFR 67-83, 33 FR 1151, Jan. 27, 1968, as amended by CGD 86-033, 53 FR 36027, Sept. 16, 1988]

§194.20-17   Compressed gases.

(a) Nonflammable compressed gases (excluding oxygen) may be securely stowed in the storeroom: Provided, That no more than eight (8) cylinders total are stowed simultaneously in the same chemical storeroom.

(b) Flammable compressed gases and oxygen shall be stowed in accordance with 49 CFR part 176, subpart H.

(c) Compressed gas cylinders shall have valve protection in accordance with 49 CFR 173.301(g) and shall be safely stowed in a vertical position in suitable racks.

[CGFR 67-83, 33 FR 1151, Jan. 27, 1968, as amended by CGD 86-033, 53 FR 36027, Sept. 16, 1988]

§194.20-19   Piping and electrical requirements.

(a) Piping, electrical equipment, and wiring shall not be installed within or pass through a chemical storeroom except as required for the chemical storeroom itself.

(b) The electrical installation shall be in accordance with the applicable requirements of Subchapter J (Electrical Engineering) of this chapter for Class I, Division 1, Group C hazardous locations.

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