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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of April 8, 2020

Title 45Subtitle ASubchapter BPart 149 → Subpart E

Title 45: Public Welfare

Subpart E—Reimbursement Methods

§149.300   General reimbursement rules.
§149.310   Timing.
§149.315   Reimbursement conditioned upon available funds.
§149.320   Universe of claims that must be submitted.
§149.325   Requirements for eligibility of claims.
§149.330   Content of claims.
§149.335   Documentation of costs of actual claims involved.
§149.340   Rule for insured plans.
§149.345   Use of information provided.
§149.350   Maintenance of records.

§149.300   General reimbursement rules.

Reimbursement under this program is conditioned on provision of accurate information by the sponsor or its designee. The information must be submitted, in a form and manner and at the times provided in this subpart and other guidance specified by the Secretary. A sponsor must provide the information specified in section §149.335.

§149.310   Timing.

(a) An employment-based plan and a sponsor must be certified by the Secretary before claims can be submitted and a reimbursement request may be made. Reimbursement will be made with respect to submitted claims for health benefits at a time and in a manner to be specified by the Secretary, after the sponsor or its designee submits the claims to the Secretary. Claims must satisfy the requirements of this subpart in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

(b) Claims for health benefits may be submitted for a given plan year only upon the approval of an application that references that plan year cycle. Claims for an early retiree for a plan year cannot be submitted until the total paid costs for health benefits for that early retiree incurred for that plan year exceed the applicable cost threshold.

(c) For employment-based plans for which a provider in the normal course of business does not produce a claim, such as a staff-model health maintenance organization, the information required in a claim must be produced and provided to the Secretary, as set out in this regulation and applicable guidance.

§149.315   Reimbursement conditioned upon available funds.

Notwithstanding a sponsor's compliance with this part, reimbursement is conditioned upon the availability of program funds.

§149.320   Universe of claims that must be submitted.

(a) Claims submitted for an early retiree, as defined in §149.2, must include claims below the applicable cost threshold for the plan year.

(b) Claims must not be submitted until claims are submitted for amounts that exceed the applicable cost threshold for the plan year for the early retiree.

(c) Sponsors must not submit claims for health benefits for an early retiree to the extent the sponsor has already submitted claims for the early retiree that total more than the applicable cost limit for the applicable plan year.

§149.325   Requirements for eligibility of claims.

A claim may be submitted only if it represents costs for health benefits for an early retiree, as defined in §149.2, has been incurred during the applicable plan year, and has been paid.

§149.330   Content of claims.

Each claim on its face must include the information specified in, and meet, the definition of claim or medical claim found at §149.2.

§149.335   Documentation of costs of actual claims involved.

(a) A submission of claims consists of a list of early retirees for whom claims are being submitted, and documentation of the actual costs of the items and services for claims being submitted, in a form and manner specified by the Secretary.

(b) In order for a sponsor to receive reimbursement for the portion of a claim that an early retiree paid, the sponsor must submit prima facie evidence that the early enrollee paid his or her portion of the claim.

§149.340   Rule for insured plans.

With respect to insured plans, the claims and data specified in the subpart may be submitted directly to the Secretary by the insurer.

§149.345   Use of information provided.

The Secretary may use data and information collected under this section only for the purpose of, and to the extent necessary in, carrying out this part including, but not limited to, determining reimbursement and reimbursement-related oversight and program integrity activities, or as otherwise allowed by law. Nothing in this section limits the Office of the Inspector General's authority to fulfill the Inspector General's responsibilities in accordance with applicable Federal law.

§149.350   Maintenance of records.

(a) The sponsor of the certified plan (or a subcontractor, as applicable) must maintain and furnish to the Secretary, upon request the records enumerated in paragraph (b) of this section. The records must be maintained for 6 years after the expiration of the plan year in which the costs were incurred, or longer if otherwise required by law.

(b) The records that must be retained are as follows—

(1) All documentation, data, and other information related to this part.

(2) Any other records specified by the Secretary.

(c) The Secretary may issue additional guidance addressing recordkeeping requirements, including (but not limited to) the use of electronic media.

(d) The sponsor must require its health insurance issuer or employment-based plan, as applicable, to maintain and produce upon request records to satisfy subparagraph (a) of this regulation.

(e) The sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the records are maintained and provided according to this subpart.

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