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Title 21Chapter ISubchapter APart 26Subpart B → Appendix

Title 21: Food and Drugs
Subpart B—Specific Sector Provisions for Medical Devices

Appendix B to Subpart B of Part 26—Scope of Product Coverage

1. Initial Coverage of the Transition Period

Upon entry into force of this subpart as described in §26.80 (it is understood that the date of entry into force will not occur prior to June 1, 1998, unless the parties decide otherwise), products qualifying for the transitional arrangements under this subpart include:

a. All Class I products requiring premarket evaluations in the United States—see Table 1.

b. Those Class II products listed in Table 2.

2. During the Transition Period

The parties will jointly identify additional product groups, including their related accessories, in line with their respective priorities as follows:

a. Those for which review may be based primarily on written guidance which the parties will use their best efforts to prepare expeditiously; and

b. Those for which review may be based primarily on international standards, in order for the parties to gain the requisite experience.

The corresponding additional product lists will be phased in on an annual basis. The parties may consult with industry and other interested parties in determining which products will be added.

3. Commencement of the Operational Period

a. At the commencement of the operational period, product coverage shall extend to all Class I/II products covered during the transition period.

b. FDA will expand the program to categories of Class II devices as is consistent with the results of the pilot, and with FDA's ability to write guidance documents if the device pilot for the third party review of medical devices is successful. The MRA will cover to the maximum extent feasible all Class II devices listed in Table 3 for which FDA-accredited third party review is available in the United States.

4. Unless explicitly included by joint decision of the parties, this part does not cover any U.S. Class II-tier 3 or any Class III product under either system.

[The lists of medical devices included in these tables are subject to change as a result of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997.]

Table 1—Class I Products Requiring Premarket Evaluations in the United States, Included in Scope of Product Coverage at Beginning of Transition Period1

21 CFR Section No.Regulation Name
   Product Code—Device Name
Anesthesiology Panel (21 CFR part 868)
868.1910Esophageal Stethoscope
   BZW—Stethoscope, Esophageal
868.5620Breathing Mouthpiece
   BYP—Mouthpiece, Breathing
868.5640Medicinal Nonventilatory Nebulizer (Atomizer)
   CCQ—Nebulizer, Medicinal, Nonventilatory (Atomizer)
868.5675Rebreathing Device
   BYW—Device, Rebreathing
868.5700Nonpowered Oxygen Tent
   FOG—Hood, Oxygen, Infant
   BYL—Tent, Oxygen
868.6810Tracheobronchial Suction Catheter
   BSY—Catheters, Suction, Tracheobronchial
Cardiovascular Panel
Dental Panel (21 CFR part 872)
872.3400Karaya and Sodium Borate With or Without Acacia Denture Adhesive
   KOM—Adhesive, Denture, Acacia and Karaya With Sodium Borate
872.3700Dental Mercury (U.S.P.)
872.4200Dental Handpiece and Accessories
   EBW—Controller, Food, Handpiece and Cord
   EFB—Handpiece, Air-Powered, Dental
   EFA—Handpiece, Belt and/or Gear Driven, Dental
   EGS—Handpiece, Contra- and Right-Angle Attachment, Dental
   EKX—Handpiece, Direct Drive, AC-Powered
   EKY—Handpiece, Water-Powered
872.6640Dental Operative Unit and Accessories
   EIA—Unit, Operative Dental
Ear, Nose, and Throat Panel (21 CFR Part 874)
874.1070Short Increment Sensitivity Index (SISI) Adapter
   ETR—Adapter, Short Increment Sensitivity Index (SISI)
874.1800Air or Water Caloric Stimulator
   KHH—Stimulator, Caloric-Air
   ETP—Stimulator, Caloric-Water
874.1925Toynbee Diagnostic Tube
   ETK—Tube, Toynbee Diagnostic
874.3300Hearing Aid
   LRB—Face Plate Hearing-Aid
   ESD—Hearing-aid, Air-Conduction
874.4100Epistaxis Balloon
   EMX—Balloon, Epistaxis
874.5300ENT Examination and Treatment Unit
   ETF—Unit, Examining/Treatment, ENT
874.5550Powered Nasal Irrigator
   KMA—Irrigator, Powered Nasal
874.5840Antistammering Device
   KTH—Device, Anti-Stammering
Gastroenterology—Urology Panel (21 CFR Part 876)
876.5160Urological Clamp for Males
   FHA—Clamp, Penile
876.5210Enema Kit
   FCE—Kit, Enema, (for Cleaning Purpose)
876.5250Urine Collector and Accessories
   FAQ—Bag, Urine Collection, Leg, for External Use
General Hospital Panel (21 CFR Part 880)
880.5270Neonatal Eye Pad
   FOK—Pad, Neonatal Eye
880.5420Pressure Infusor for an I.V. Bag
   KZD—Infusor, Pressure, for I.V. Bags
880.5680Pediatric Position Holder
   FRP—Holder, Infant Position
880.6250Patient Examination Glove
   LZB—Finger Cot
   FMC—Glove, Patient Examination
   LYY—Glove, Patient Examination, Latex
   LZA—Glove, Patient Examination, Poly
   LZC—Glove, Patient Examination, Speciality
   LYZ—Glove, Patient Examination, Vinyl
880.6375Patient Lubricant
   KMJ—Lubricant, Patient
880.6760Protective Restraint
   BRT—Restraint, Patient, Conductive
   FMQ—Restraint, Protective
Neurology Panel (21 CFR Part 882)
882.1420Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signal Spectrum Analyzer
   GWS—Analyzer, Spectrum, Electroencephalogram Signal
882.4060Ventricular Cannula
   HCD—Cannula, Ventricular
882.4545Shunt System Implantation Instrument
   GYK—Instrument, Shunt System Implantation
882.4650Neurosurgical Suture Needle
   HAS—Needle, Neurosurgical Suture
882.4750Skull Punch
   GXJ—Punch, Skull
Obstetrics and Gynecology Panel
Ophthalmology Panel (21 CFR Part 886)
   HKM—Retinoscope, Battery-Powered
886.1940Tonometer Sterilizer
   HKZ—Sterilizer, Tonometer
886.4070Powered Corneal Burr
   HQS—Burr, Corneal, AC-Powered
   HOG—Burr, Corneal, Battery-Powered
   HRG—Engine, Trephine, Accessories, AC-Powered
   HFR—Engine, Trephine, Accessories, Battery-Powered
   HLD—Engine, Trephine, Accessories, Gas-Powered
   HNO—Keratome, AC-Powered
   HMY—Keratome, Battery-Powered
886.5850Sunglasses (Nonprescription)
   HQY—Sunglasses (Nonprescription Including Photosensitive)
Orthopedic Panel (21 CFR Part 888)
   KQX—Goniometer, AC-Powered
888.4150Calipers for Clinical Use
Physical Medicine Panel (21 CFR Part 890)
890.3850Mechanical Wheelchair
   LBE—Stroller, Adaptive
   IOR—Wheelchair, Mechanical
890.5180Manual Patient Rotation Bed
   INY—Bed, Patient Rotation, Manual
890.5710Hot or Cold Disposable Pack
   IMD—Pack, Hot or Cold, Disposable
Radiology Panel (21 CFR Part 892)
892.1100Scintillation (Gamma) Camera
   IYX—Camera, Scintillation (Gamma)
892.1110Positron Camera
   IZC—Camera, Positron
892.1300Nuclear Rectilinear Scanner
   IYW—Scanner, Rectilinear, Nuclear
892.1320Nuclear Uptake Probe
   IZD—Probe, Uptake, Nuclear
892.1330Nuclear Whole Body Scanner
   JAM—Scanner, Whole Body, Nuclear
892.1410Nuclear Electrocardiograph Synchronizer
   IVY—Synchronizer, Electrocardiograph, Nuclear
892.1890Radiographic Film Illuminator
   IXC—Illuminator, Radiographic-Film
   JAG—Illuminator, Radiographic-Film, Explosion-Proof
892.1910Radiographic Grid
   IXJ—Grid, Radiographic
892.1960Radiographic Intensifying Screen
   EAM—Screen, Intensifying, Radiographic
892.1970Radiographic ECG/Respirator Synchronizer
   IXO—Synchronizer, ECG/Respirator, Radiographic
892.5650Manual Radionuclide Applicator System
   IWG—System, Applicator, Radionuclide, Manual
General and Plastic Surgery Panel (21 CFR Part 878)
878.4200Introduction/Drainage Catheter and Accessories
   KGZ—Accessories, Catheter
   GCE—Adaptor, Catheter
   FGY—Cannula, Injection
   GBA—Catheter, Balloon Type
   GBZ—Catheter, Cholangiography
   GBQ—Catheter, Continuous Irrigation
   GBY—Catheter, Eustachian, General & Plastic Surgery
   JCY—Catheter, Infusion
   GBX—Catheter, Irrigation
   GBP—Catheter, Multiple Lumen
   GBO—Catheter, Nephrostomy, General & Plastic Surgery
   GBN—Catheter, Pediatric, General & Plastic Surgery
   GBW—Catheter, Peritoneal
   GBS—Catheter, Ventricular, General & Plastic Surgery
   GCD—Connector, Catheter
   GCC—Dilator, Catheter
   GCB—Needle, Catheter
878.4320Removable Skin Clip
   FZQ—Clip, Removable (Skin)
878.4460Surgeon's Gloves
   KGO—Surgeon's Gloves
878.4680Nonpowered, Single Patient, Portable Suction Apparatus
   GCY—Apparatus, Suction, Single Patient Use, Portable, Nonpowered
878.4760Removable Skin Staple
   GDT—Staple, Removable (Skin)
878.4820AC-Powered, Battery-Powered, and Pneumatically Powered Surgical Instrument Motors and Accessories/Attachments
   GFG—Bit, Surgical
   GFA—Blade, Saw, General & Plastic Surgery
   DWH—Blade, Saw, Surgical, Cardiovascular
   BRZ—Board, Arm (With Cover)
   GFE—Brush, Dermabrasion
   GFF—Bur, Surgical, General & Plastic Surgery
   KDG—Chisel (Osteotome)
   GFC—Driver, Surgical, Pin
GFB—Head, Surgical, Hammer
GEY—Motor, Surgical Instrument, AC-Powered
GET—Motor, Surgical Instrument, Pneumatic Powered
DWI—Saw, Electrically Powered
KFK—Saw, Pneumatically Powered
HAB—Saw, Powered, and Accessories
878.4960Air or AC-Powered Operating Table and Air or AC-Powered Operating Chair & Accessories
   GBB—Chair, Surgical, AC-Powered
   FQO—Table, Operating-Room, AC-Powered
   GDC—Table, Operating-Room, Electrical
   FWW—Table, Operating-Room, Pneumatic
   JEA—Table, Surgical with Orthopedic Accessories, AC-Powered
880.5090Liquid Bandage
   KMF—Bandage, Liquid

1Descriptive information on product codes, panel codes, and other medical device identifiers may be viewed on FDA's Internet Web Site at http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/prodcode.html.

Table 2—Class II Medical Devices Included in Scope of Product Coverage at Beginning of Transition Period (United States to develop guidance documents identifying U.S. requirements and European Community (EC) to identify standards needed to meet EC requirements)1

Panel21 CFR Section No.Regulation Name
      Product Code—Device Name
RA892.1000Magnetic Resonance Diagnostic Device
      MOS—COIL, Magnetic Resonance, Specialty
      LNH—System, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
      LNI—System, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic
Diagnostic Ultrasound:
RA892.1540Nonfetal Ultrasonic Monitor
      JAF—Monitor, Ultrasonic, Nonfetal
RA892.1550Ultrasonic Pulsed Doppler Imaging System
      IYN—System, Imaging, Pulsed Doppler, Ultrasonic
RA892.1560Ultrasonic Pulsed Echo Imaging System
      IYO—System, Imaging, Pulsed Echo, Ultrasonic
RA892.1570Diagnostic Ultrasonic Transducer
      ITX—Transducer, Ultrasonic, Diagnostic
Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Devices (except mammographic x-ray systems):
RA892.1600Angiographic X-Ray System
      IZI—System, X-Ray, Angiographic
RA892.1650Image-Intensified Fluoroscopic X-Ray System
      MQB—Solid State X-Ray Imager (Flat Panel/Digital Imager)
      JAA—System, X-Ray, Fluoroscopic, Image-Intensified
RA892.1680Stationary X-Ray System
      KPR—System, X-Ray, Stationary
RA892.1720Mobile X-Ray System
      IZL—System, X-Ray, Mobile
RA892.1740Tomographic X-Ray System
      IZF—System, X-Ray, Tomographic
RA892.1750Computed Tomography X-Ray System
      JAK—System, X-Ray, Tomography, Computed
ECG-Related Devices:
      MLC—Monitor, ST Segment
CV870.2350Electrocardiograph Lead Switching Adaptor
      DRW—Adaptor, Lead Switching, Electrocardiograph
CV870.2360Electrocardiograph Electrode
      DRX—Electrode, Electrocardiograph
CV870.2370Electrocardiograph Surface Electrode Tester
      KRC—Tester, Electrode, Surface, Electrocardiographic
HO880.5725Infusion Pump (external only)
      MRZ—Accessories, Pump, Infusion
      FRN—Pump, Infusion
      LZF—Pump, Infusion, Analytical Sampling
      MEB—Pump, Infusion, Elastomeric
      LZH—Pump, Infusion, Enteral
      MHD—Pump, Infusion, Gallstone Dissolution
      LZG—Pump, Infusion, Insulin
      MEA—Pump, Infusion, PCA
Ophthalmic Instruments:
   HLI—Ophthalmoscope, AC-Powered
      HLJ—Ophthalmoscope, Battery-Powered
      HKL—Retinoscope, AC-Powered
OP886.1850AC-Powered Slit-Lamp Biomicroscope
      HJO—Biomicroscope, Slit-Lamp, AC-Powered
OP886.4150Vitreous Aspiration and Cutting Instrument
      MMC—Dilator, Expansive Iris (Accessory)
      HQE—Instrument, Vitreous Aspiration and Cutting, AC-Powered
      HKP—Instrument, Vitreous Aspiration and Cutting, Battery-Powered
      MLZ—Vitrectomy, Instrument Cutter
OP886.4670Phacofragmentation System
      HQC—Unit, Phacofragmentation
SU878.4580Surgical Lamp
      HBI—Illuminator, Fiberoptic, Surgical Field
      FTF—Illuminator, Nonremote
      FTG—Illuminator, Remote
      HJE—Lamp, Fluorescein, AC-Powered
      FQP—Lamp, Operating-Room
      FTD—Lamp, Surgical
      GBC—Lamp, Surgical, Incandescent
      FTA—Light, Surgical, Accessories
      FSZ—Light, Surgical, Carrier
      FSY—Light, Surgical, Ceiling Mounted
      FSX—Light, Surgical, Connector
      FSW—Light, Surgical, Endoscopic
      FST—Light, Surgical, Fiberoptic
      FSS—Light, Surgical, Floor Standing
      FSQ—Light, Surgical, Instrument
NE882.5890Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator for Pain Relief
      GZJ—Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, For Pain Relief
      Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement Devices:
CV870.1120Blood Pressure Cuff
      DXQ—Cuff, Blood-Pressure
CV870.1130Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement System (except nonoscillometric)
      DXN—System, Measurement, Blood-Pressure, Noninvasive
HO880.6880Steam Sterilizer (greater than 2 cubic feet)
      FLE—Sterilizer, Steam
Clinical Thermometers:
HO880.2910Clinical Electronic Thermometer (except tympanic or pacifier)
      FLL—Thermometer, Electronic, Clinical
      CAF—Nebulizer (Direct Patient Interface)
Hypodermic Needles and Syringes (except antistick and self-destruct):
HO880.5570Hypodermic Single Lumen Needle
      MMK—Container, Sharpes
      FMI—Needle, Hypodermic, Single Lumen
      MHC—Port, Intraosseous, Implanted
HO880.5860Piston Syringe
      FMF—Syringe, Piston
Selected Dental Materials:
DE872.3060Gold-Based Alloys and Precious Metal Alloys for Clinical Use
      EJT—Alloy, Gold Based, For Clinical Use
      EJS—Alloy, Precious Metal, For Clinical Use
DE872.3200Resin Tooth Bonding Agent
      KLE—Agent, Tooth Bonding, Resin
DE872.3275Dental Cement
      EMA—Cement, Dental
      EMB—Zinc Oxide Eugenol
DE872.3660Impression Material
      ELW—Material, Impression
DE872.3690Tooth Shade Resin Material
      EBF—Material, Tooth Shade, Resin
DE872.3710Base Metal Alloy
      EJH—Metal, Base
Latex Condoms:

1Descriptive information on product codes, panel codes, and other medical device identifiers may be viewed on FDA's Internet Web Site at http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/prodcode.html.

Table 3—Medical Devices for Possible Inclusion in Scope of Product Coverage During Operational Period1

Product Family21 CFR Section NoDevice NameTier
Anesthesiology Panel
Anesthesia Devices868.5160Gas machine for anesthesia or analgesia2
   868.5270Breathing system heater2
   868.5440Portable oxygen generator2
   868.5450Respiratory gas humidifier2
   868.5710Electrically powered oxygen tent2
   868.5880Anesthetic vaporizer2
Gas Analyser868.1040Powered Algesimeter2
   868.1075Argon gas analyzer2
   868.1400Carbon dioxide gas analyzer2
   868.1430Carbon monoxide gas analyzer2
   868.1500Enflurane gas analyzer2
   868.1620Halothane gas analyzer2
   868.1640Helium gas analyzer2
   868.1670Neon gas analyzer2
   868.1690Nitrogen gas analyzer2
   868.1700Nitrous oxide gas analyzer2
   868.1720Oxygen gas analyzer2
   868.1730Oxygen uptake computer2
Peripheral Nerve Stimulators868.2775Electrical peripheral nerve stimulator2
Respiratory Monitoring868.1750Pressure plethysmograph2
   868.1760Volume plethysmograph2
   868.1780Inspiratory airway pressure meter2
   868.1840Diagnostic spirometer2
   868.1850Monitoring spirometer2
   868.1860Peak-flow meter for spirometry2
   868.1880Pulmonary-function data calculator2
   868.1890Predictive pulmonary-function value calculator2
   868.1900Diagnostic pulmonary-function interpretation calculator2
   868.2025Ultrasonic air embolism monitor2
   868.2375Breathing frequency monitor (except apnea detectors)2
   868.2480Cutaneous carbon dioxide (PcCO2) monitor2
   868.2500Cutaneous oxygen monitor (for an infant not under gas anesthesia)2
   868.2600Airway pressure monitor2
   868.5665Powered percussor2
   868.5690Incentive spirometer2
Ventilator868.5905Noncontinuous ventilator (IPPB)2
   868.5925Powered emergency ventilator2
   868.5935External negative pressure ventilator2
   868.5895Continuous ventilator2
   868.5955Intermittent mandatory ventilation attachment2
   868.6250Portable air compressor2
Cardiovascular Panel
Cardiovascular Diagnostic870.1425Programmable diagnostic computer2
   870.2310Apex cardiograph (vibrocardiograph)2
   870.2350Electrocardiograph lead switching adaptor1
   870.2360Electrocardiograph electrode2
   870.2370Electrocardiograph surface electrode tester2
   870.2450Medical cathode-ray tube display1
   870.2840Apex cardiographic transducer2
   870.2860Heart sound transducer2
Cardiovascular Monitoring   Valve, pressure relief, cardiopulmonary bypass
   870.1100Blood pressure alarm2
   870.1110Blood pressure computer2
   870.1120Blood pressure cuff2
   870.1130Noninvasive blood pressure measurement system2
   870.1140Venous blood pressure manometer2
   870.1220Electrode recording catheter or electrode recording probe2
   870.1270Intracavitary phonocatheter system2
   870.1875Stethoscope (electronic)2
   870.2050Biopotential amplifier and signal conditioner2
   870.2060Transducer signal amplifier and conditioner2
   870.2100Cardiovascular blood flow-meter2
   870.2120Extravascular blood flow probe2
   870.2300Cardiac monitor (including cardiotachometer and rate alarm)2
   870.2710Ear oximeter2
   870.2750Impedance phlebograph2
   870.2770Impedance plethysmograph2
   870.2780Hydraulic, pneumatic, or photoelectric plethysmographs2
   870.2850Extravascular blood pressure transducer2
   870.2870Catheter tip pressure transducer2
   870.2880Ultrasonic transducer2
   870.2890Vessel occlusion transducer2
   870.2900Patient transducer and electrode cable (including connector)2
   870.2910Radiofrequency physiological signal transmitter and receiver2
   870.2920Telephone electrocardiograph transmitter and receiver2
   870.4205Cardiopulmonary bypass bubble detector2
   870.4220Cardiopulmonary bypass heart-lung machine console2
   870.4240Cardiovascular bypass heat exchanger2
   870.4250Cardiopulmonary bypass temperature controller2
   870.4300Cardiopulmonary bypass gas control unit2
   870.4310Cardiopulmonary bypass coronary pressure gauge2
   870.4330Cardiopulmonary bypass on-line blood gas monitor2
   870.4340Cardiopulmonary bypass level sensing monitor and/or control2
   870.4370Roller-type cardiopulmonary bypass blood pump2
   870.4380Cardiopulmonary bypass pump speed control2
   870.4410Cardiopulmonary bypass in-line blood gas sensor2
Cardiovascular Therapeutic870.5050Patient care suction apparatus2
   870.5900Thermal regulation system2
Defibrillator870.5300DC-defibrillator (including paddles)2
   870.5325Defibrillator tester2
Pacemaker & Accessories870.1750External programmable pacemaker pulse generator2
   870.3630Pacemaker generator function analyzer2
   870.3640Indirect pacemaker generator function analyzer2
   870.3720Pacemaker electrode function tester2
Miscellaneous870.1800Withdrawal-infusion pump2
   870.2800Medical magnetic tape recorder2
   NoneBatteries, rechargeable, class II devices
Dental Panel
Dental Equipment872.1720Pulp tester2
   872.1740Caries detection device2
   872.4120Bone cutting instrument and accessories2
   872.4465Gas-powered jet injector2
   872.4475Spring-powered jet injector2
   872.4600Intraoral ligature and wire lock2
   872.4840Rotary scaler2
   872.4850Ultrasonic scaler2
   872.4920Dental electrosurgical unit and accessories2
   872.6070Ultraviolet activator for polymerization2
   872.6350Ultraviolet detector2
Dental Material872.3050Amalgam alloy2
   872.3060Gold-based alloys and precious metal alloys for clinical use2
   872.3200Resin tooth bonding agent2
   872.3250Calcium hydroxide cavity liner2
   872.3260Cavity varnish2
   872.3275Dental cement (other than zinc oxide-eugenol)2
   872.3300Hydrophilic resin coating for dentures2
   872.3310Coating material for resin fillings2
   872.3590Preformed plastic denture tooth2
   872.3660Impression material2
   872.3690Tooth shade resin material2
   872.3710Base metal alloy2
   872.3750Bracket adhesive resin and tooth conditioner2
   872.3760Denture relining, repairing, or rebasing resin2
   872.3765Pit and fissure sealant and conditioner2
   872.3770Temporary crown and bridge resin2
   872.3820Root canal filling resin (other than chloroform use)2
   872.3920Porcelain tooth2
Dental X-ray872.1800Extraoral source x-ray system2
   872.1810Intraoral source x-ray system2
Dental Implants872.4880Intraosseous fixation screw or wire2
   872.3890Endodontic stabilizing splint2
Orthodontic872.5470Orthodontic plastic bracket2
Ear/Nose/Throat Panel
Diagnostic Equipment874.1050Audiometer2
   874.1090Auditory impedance tester2
   874.1120Electronic noise generator for audiometric testing2
   874.1820Surgical nerve stimulator/locator2
Hearing Aids874.3300Hearing aid (for bone-conduction)2
   874.3310Hearing aid calibrator and analysis system2
   874.3320Group hearing aid or group auditory trainer2
   874.3330Master hearing aid2
Surgical Equipment874.4250Ear, nose, and throat electric or pneumatic surgical drill1
   874.4490Argon laser for otology, rhinology, and laryngology2
   874.4500Ear, nose, and throat microsurgical carbon dioxide laser2
Gastroenterology/Urology Panel
Endoscope (including angioscopes, laparscopes, ophthalmic endoscopes)876.1500Endoscope and accessories2
   876.4300Endoscopic electrosurgical unit and accessories2
Gastroenterology876.1725Gastrointestinal motility monitoring system1
Hemodialysis876.5600Sorbent regenerated dialysate delivery system for hemodialysis2
   876.5630Peritoneal dialysis system and accessories2
   876.5665Water purification system for hemodialysis2
   876.5820Hemodialysis system and accessories2
   876.5830Hemodialyzer with disposable insert (kiil-type)2
Lithotriptor876.4500Mechanical lithotriptor2
Urology Equipment876.1620Urodynamics measurement system2
   876.5320Nonimplanted electrical continence device2
   876.5880Isolated kidney perfusion and transport system and accessories2
General Hospital Panel
Infusion Pumps and Systems880.2420Electronic monitor for gravity flow infusion systems2
   880.2460Electrically powered spinal fluid pressure monitor2
   880.5430Nonelectrically powered fluid injector2
   880.5725Infusion pump2
Neonatal Incubators880.5400Neonatal incubator2
   880.5410Neonatal transport incubator2
   880.5700Neonatal phototherapy unit2
Piston Syringes880.5570Hypodermic single lumen needle1
   880.5860Piston syringe (except antistick)1
   880.6920Syringe needle introducer2
Miscellaneous880.2910Clinical electronic thermometer2
   880.2920Clinical mercury thermometer2
   880.5100AC-powered adjustable hospital bed1
   880.5500AC-powered patient lift2
   880.6880Steam sterilizer (greater than 2 cubic feet)2
Neurology Panel
   882.1020Rigidity analyzer2
   882.1610Alpha monitor2
Neuro-Diagnostic882.1320Cutaneous electrode2
   882.1340Nasopharyngeal electrode2
   882.1350Needle electrode2
   882.1480Neurological endoscope2
   882.1540Galvanic skin response measurement device2
   882.1550Nerve conduction velocity measurement device2
   882.1560Skin potential measurement device2
   882.1570Powered direct-contact temperature measurement device2
   882.1620Intracranial pressure monitoring device2
   882.1835Physiological signal amplifier2
   882.1845Physiological signal conditioner2
   882.1855Electroencephalogram (EEG) telemetry system2
   882.5050Biofeedback device2
RPG882.4400Radiofrequency lesion generator2
Neuro SurgerynoneElectrode, spinal epidural2
   882.4305Powered compound cranial drills, burrs, trephines, and their accessories2
   882.4310Powered simple cranial drills burrs, trephines, and their accessories2
   882.4360Electric cranial drill motor2
   882.4370Pneumatic cranial drill motor2
   882.4560Stereotaxic instrument2
   882.4725Radiofrequency lesion probe2
   882.4845Powered rongeur2
   882.5500Lesion temperature monitor2
Stimulators882.1870Evoked response electrical stimulator2
   882.1880Evoked response mechanical stimulator2
   882.1890Evoked response photic stimulator2
   882.1900Evoked response auditory stimulator2
   882.1950Tremor transducer2
   882.5890Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for pain relief2
Obstetrics/Gynecology Panel
Fetal Monitoring884.1660Transcervical endoscope (amnioscope) and accessories2
   884.1690Hysteroscope and accessories (for performance standards)2
   884.2225Obstetric-gynecologic ultrasonic imager2
   884.2600Fetal cardiac monitor2
   884.2640Fetal phonocardiographic monitor and accessories2
   884.2660Fetal ultrasonic monitor and accessories2
   884.2675Fetal scalp circular (spiral) electrode and applicator1
   884.2700Intrauterine pressure monitor and accessories2
   884.2720External uterine contraction monitor and accessories2
   884.2740Perinatal monitoring system and accessories2
   884.2960Obstetric ultrasonic transducer and accessories2
Gynecological Surgery Equipment884.1720Gynecologic laparoscope and accessories2
   884.4160Unipolar endoscopic coagulator-cutter and accessories2
   884.4550Gynecologic surgical laser2
   884.4120Gynecologic electrocautery and accessories2
Ophthalmic Implants886.3320Eye sphere implant2
Contact Lens886.1385Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) diagnostic contact lens2
   886.5916Rigid gas permeable contact lens (daily wear only)2
Diagnostic Equipment886.1120Opthalmic camera1
   886.1220Corneal electrode1
   886.1250Euthyscope (AC-powered)1
   886.1360Visual field laser instrument1
   886.1510Eye movement monitor1
   886.1630AC-powered photostimulator1
   886.1640Ophthalmic preamplifier1
   886.1670Ophthalmic isotope uptake probe2
   886.1780Retinoscope (AC-powered device)1
   886.1850AC-powered slit lamp biomicroscope1
   886.1930Tonometer and accessories2
   886.1945Transilluminator (AC-powered device)1
   886.3130Ophthalmic conformer2
(Diagnostic/Surgery Equipment)886.4670Phacofragmentation system2
Ophthalmic Implants886.3340Extraocular orbital implant2
   886.3800Scleral shell2
Surgical Equipment880.5725Infusion pump (performance standards)2
   886.3100Ophthalmic tantalum clip2
   886.3300Absorbable implant (scleral buckling method)2
   886.4100Radiofrequency electrosurgical cautery apparatus2
   886.4115Thermal cautery unit2
   886.4150Vitreous aspiration and cutting instrument2
   886.4170Cryophthalmic unit2
   886.4250Ophthalmic electrolysis unit (AC-powered device)1
   886.4335Operating headlamp (AC-powered device)1
   886.4390Ophthalmic laser2
   886.4392Nd:YAG laser for posterior capsulotomy2
   886.4400Electronic metal locator1
   886.4440AC-powered magnet1
   886.4610Ocular pressure applicator2
   886.4690Ophthalmic photocoagulator2
   886.4790Ophthalmic sponge2
   886.5100Ophthalmic beta radiation source2
   noneOphthalmoscopes, replacement batteries, hand-held1
Orthopedic Panel
Implants888.3010Bone fixation cerclage2
   888.3020Intramedullary fixation rod2
   888.3030Single/multiple component metallic bone fixation appliances and accessories2
   888.3040Smooth or threaded metallic bone fixation fastener2
   888.3050Spinal interlaminal fixation orthosis2
   888.3060Spinal intervertebral body fixation orthosis2
Surgical Equipment888.1240AC-powered dynamometer2
   888.4580Sonic surgical instrument and accessories/attachments2
   noneAccessories, fixation, spinal interlaminal2
   noneAccessories, fixation, spinal intervertebral body2
   noneMonitor, pressure, intracompartmental1
   noneOrthosis, fixation, spinal intervertebral fusion2
   noneOrthosis, spinal pedicle fixation
   noneSystem, cement removal extraction1
Physical Medicine Panel
Diagnostic Equipment or (Therapy) Therapeutic Equipment890.1225Chronaximeter2
   890.1375Diagnostic electromyograph2
   890.1385Diagnostic electromyograph needle electrode2
   890.1450Powered reflex hammer2
   890.1850Diagnostic muscle stimulator2
or (Therapy)890.5850Powered muscle stimulator2
Therapeutic Equipment890.5100Immersion hydrobath2
   890.5110Paraffin bath2
   890.5500Infrared lamp2
   890.5720Water circulating hot or cold pack2
   890.5740Powered heating pad2
Radiology Panel
MRI892.1000Magnetic resonance diagnostic device2
Ultrasound Diagnostic884.2660Fetal ultrasonic monitor and accessories2
   892.1540Nonfetal ultrasonic monitor
   892.1560Ultrasonic pulsed echo imaging system2
   892.1570Diagnostic ultrasonic transducer2
   892.1550Ultrasonic pulsed doppler imaging system
Angiographic892.1600Angiographic x-ray system2
Diagnostic X-Ray892.1610Diagnostic x-ray beam-limiting device2
   892.1620Cine or spot fluorographic x-ray camera2
   892.1630Electrostatic x-ray imaging system2
   892.1650Image-intensified fluoroscopic x-ray system2
   892.1670Spot film device2
   892.1680Stationary x-ray system2
   892.1710Mammographic x-ray system2
   892.1720Mobile x-ray system2
   892.1740Tomographic x-ray system1
   892.1820Pneumoencephalographic chair2
   892.1850Radiographic film cassette1
   892.1860Radiographic film/cassette changer1
   892.1870Radiographic film/cassette changer programmer2
   892.1900Automatic radiographic film processor2
   892.1980Radiologic table1
CT Scanner892.1750Computed tomography x-ray system2
Radiation Therapy892.5050Medical charged-particle radiation therapy system2
   892.5300Medical neutron radiation therapy system2
   892.5700Remote controlled radionuclide applicator system2
   892.5710Radiation therapy beam-shaping block2
   892.5730Radionuclide brachytherapy source2
   892.5750Radionuclide radiation therapy system2
   892.5770Powered radiation therapy patient support assembly2
   892.5840Radiation therapy simulation system2
   892.5930Therapeutic x-ray tube housing assembly1
Nuclear Medicine892.1170Bone densitometer2
   892.1200Emission computed tomography system2
   892.1310Nuclear tomography system1
   892.1390Radionuclide rebreathing system2
General/Plastic Surgery Panel
Surgical Lamps878.4630Ultraviolet lamp for dermatologic disorders2
   890.5500Infrared lamp2
   878.4580Surgical lamp2
Electrosurgical Cutting Equipment878.4810Laser surgical instrument for use in general and plastic surgery and in dermatology2
   878.4400Electrosurgical cutting and coagulation device and accessories2
Miscellaneous878.4780Powered suction pump2

1Descriptive information on product codes, panel codes, and other medical device identifiers may be viewed on FDA's Internet Web Site at http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/prodcode.html.

[63 FR 60141, Nov. 6, 1998; 64 FR 16348, Apr. 5, 1999]

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