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Title 50Chapter IIIPart 300Subpart G → §300.104

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart G—Antarctic Marine Living Resources

§300.104   International Fisheries Trade Permits and AMLR first receiver permits.

(a) General. (1) A person may import, export, or re-export AMLR into the United States only under a NMFS-issued International Fisheries Trade Permit (IFTP). For AMLRs to be released for entry into the United States, the product must be accompanied by a vessel permit, individual permit, AMLR first receiver permit, or IFTP.

(2) All shipments of Dissostichus spp. must also be accompanied by accurate, complete and valid CDS documentation (including all required validations and DEDs/DREDs) as described in §300.106, and, in the case of shipments of frozen Dissostichus species, a preapproval certificate issued under §300.105, as well as verifiable information that the harvesting vessel was reporting to C-VMS from port-to-port, regardless of where the fish were harvested. For purposes of entry of Dissostichus spp. into the United States, NMFS will only accept electronic CDS documents described in §300.106.

(3) Imports of fresh or frozen Dissostichus spp. accompanied by an SVDCD are prohibited.

(b) International Fisheries Trade Permit. A person intending to import, export, or re-export AMLR must possess a valid IFTP issued under §300.322 and file required data sets electronically with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the time, or in advance, of importation, exportation or re-exportation. “Required data set” has the same meaning as §300.321 (see definition of “Documentation and data sets required”). See §300.322 for IFTP application procedures and permit regulations. The IFTP holder may only conduct those specific activities stipulated by the IFTP.

(c) AMLR First Receiver Permits—(1) General. First receivers of AMLR catch landed from a vessel permitted under §300.107 at a U.S. port of landing must possess an AMLR first receiver permit and may only conduct those activities described in the permit. A person issued, or required to have been issued a first receiver permit under this subpart may only receive fish from a U.S. vessel that has a valid vessel permit issued under §300.107 as well as a valid High Seas Fishing Permit issued under 50 CFR part 300, subpart R.

(2) Application. Applications for the AMLR first receiver permit are available from NMFS Headquarters.

(3) Issuance. NMFS may issue an AMLR first receiver permit if the permit application is complete and NMFS determines that the activity proposed by the first receiver meets the requirements of the Act. First receivers of AMLR required to have a first receiver permit may only receive AMLR that were harvested in a manner consistent with CCAMLR conservation measures and this subpart.

(4) Duration. Unless revoked or suspended, an AMLR first receiver permit is valid from its date of issuance to its date of expiration.

(5) Prohibition on transfer or assignment. AMLR first receiver permits are valid only for the person to whom NMFS issued the permit and may not be transferred or assigned.

(6) Changes in information submitted by permit applicants or permit holders:

(i) Changes in pending applications. Applicants for an AMLR first receiver permit must report any change in the information contained in the application to the Assistant Administrator in writing as soon as possible.

(ii) Changes occurring after permit issuance. An AMLR first receiver permit holder must report any change to information previously submitted to the Assistant Administrator in writing within 15 days of the change. Based on such information, the Assistant Administrator may revise the permit effective upon notification to the permit holder.

(7) Fees. NMFS may charge a fee to recover the administrative expenses of permit issuance. NMFS will determine the fee in accordance with the procedures in the NOAA finance handbook, available from NMFS, for calculating administrative costs of special products and services.

(8) Reporting and recordkeeping requirements. First receivers of AMLRs who have been issued, or are required to have, a first receiver permit under this subpart must:

(i) Accurately maintain all reports and records required by their first receiver permit and this subpart at their place of business;

(ii) Maintain the original permit at their place of business;

(iii) Make their permit, and all required reports and records, available for inspection upon the request of an authorized officer; and

(iv) Within the time specified in the permit, submit a copy of such reports and records to NMFS at an address designated by NMFS.

(d) Revision, suspension, or revocation. NMFS may revise, suspend, or revoke an IFTP, or first receiver permit, issued under this section based upon a violation of the permit, the Act, or this subpart.

(e) A person may not import a marine mammal into the United States unless authorized and accompanied by an import permit issued under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and/or the Endangered Species Act.

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