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Title 16Chapter IISubchapter APart 1018 → Subpart D

Title 16: Commercial Practices

Subpart D—Administration of Advisory Committees

§1018.31   Support services.
§1018.32   Compensation and travel expenses.
§1018.33   Change of status.
§1018.34   Conflict of interest.
§1018.35   Termination of membership.

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§1018.31   Support services.

Unless the statutory authority for a particular advisory committee provides otherwise, the Advisory Committee Management Officer shall be responsible for providing and overseeing all necessary support services for each advisory committee established by or reporting to the Commission. Support services include providing committee staff, meeting rooms, supplies, and funds, including funds for the publication of reports.

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§1018.32   Compensation and travel expenses.

(a) A single rate of compensation will be offered to members of all advisory committees with the exception of government employees and those individuals whose company or organization prohibits such payment. This rate shall be $100 per day for each day in attendance at the meeting and for each day of travel.

(b) The Commission shall determine per diem and travel expenses for members, staffs, and consultants in accordance with section 7(d) of the Advisory Committee Act and section 11 of OMB Circular No. A-63.

(c) Members of advisory committees, while engaged in the performance of their duties away from their homes or regular place of business, may be allowed travel expenses including per diem in lieu of expenses as authorized by 5 U.S.C. 5703.

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§1018.33   Change of status.

Any advisory committee member who changes his or her affiliation or who assumes an additional affiliation, so as to actually or potentially affect his or her representational capacity on an advisory committee (upon which the member's application was based), shall immediately notify, in writing, the Advisory Committee Management Officer. Such notification shall include all relevant information concerning the change in affiliation and a statement by the member expressing his or her opinion regarding the implications of such change. The notification and any other relevant information shall be evaluated by the Commissioners to determine the appropriateness of the member's continued membership on the advisory committee.

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§1018.34   Conflict of interest.

Members of the Commission's statutory advisory committees are not legally subject to the standards of conduct and conflict of interest statutes and regulations applicable to Commission employees. However, it is important to avoid situations in which a member of an advisory committee has an actual or apparent conflict of interest between the member's private interests (or the interests of the member's organization) and the member's interest in properly performing his or her duties as an advisory committee member. To preclude any such actual or apparent conflict of interest, committee members shall be subject to the following guidelines:

(a) Committee members should not personally participate, either for themselves or on behalf of an organization, in negotiations, or the preparation of negotiations, for contracts with or grants from the Commission. Nor should committee members, either as an individual or on behalf of an organization, become personally involved in the performance of work under such a negotiated contract or grant awarded by the Commission. Committee members may participate in preparing bids for and performing work under advertised contracts where price is the single factor in the determination of award.

(b) Committee members should not become personally involved in the preparation or submission of a proposal to develop a safety standard or regulation under any of the Acts administered by the Commission.

(c) Committee members representing anyone in a professional capacity in a proceeding before the Commission should, pursuant to paragraph (e) and (f) of this section, advise the committee chairperson and the other members of the committee on which he or she serves of the representation prior to the committee's discussion regarding that proceeding. Where the chairperson of the committee determines that the representation involves a conflict or the appearance of a conflict of interest, the member will be asked to withdraw from the discussion of the proceeding. In circumstances where withdrawal from the committee's discussion or consideration of the matter is determined by the Commission to be insufficient to avoid a conflict or apparent conflict of interest, continued representation may be considered incompatible with membership on the committee.

(d) Committee members should exercise caution to ensure that their public statements are not interpreted to be official policy statements of the Commission.

(e) Committee members shall disclose to the committee chairperson and to the other members of the committee on which he or she serves, any special interest in a particular proceeding or matter then pending before the committee which in any way may affect that member's position, views or arguments on the particular proceeding or matter. The disclosure shall be made orally prior to the commencement of the discussion. “Special interest” is not intended to include a member's general interest in presenting a position, views, or arguments in his or her representational capacity.

(f) Where the chairperson of the committee determines that the disclosure referred to in paragraph (e) of this section reveals a conflict or apparent conflict of interest with respect to a member's involvement in the committee's consideration or discussion of a particular matter, the member will be asked to withdraw from the discussion of the matter.

(g) The provisions of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section do not apply to state and local government officers and employees.

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§1018.35   Termination of membership.

Advisory committee membership may be terminated at any time upon a determination by the Commission that such action is appropriate.

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