§ 488.26 Determining compliance.

(a) Additional rules for certification of compliance for SNFs and NFs are set forth in § 488.330.

(b) The decision as to whether there is compliance with a particular requirement, condition of participation, or condition for coverage depends upon the manner and degree to which the provider or supplier satisfies the various standards within each condition. Evaluation of a provider's or supplier's performance against these standards enables the State survey agency to document the nature and extent of deficiencies, if any, with respect to a particular function, and to assess the need for improvement in relation to the prescribed conditions.

(c) The State survey agency must adhere to the following principles in determining compliance with participation requirements:

(1) The survey process is the means to assess compliance with Federal health, safety and quality standards;

(2) The survey process uses resident and patient outcomes as the primary means to establish the compliance process of facilities and agencies. Specifically, surveyors will directly observe the actual provision of care and services to residents and/or patients, and the effects of that care, to assess whether the care provided meets the needs of individual residents and/or patients.

(3) Surveyors are professionals who use their judgment, in concert with Federal forms and procedures, to determine compliance;

(4) Federal procedures are used by all surveyors to ensure uniform and consistent application and interpretation of Federal requirements;

(5) Federal forms are used by all surveyors to ensure proper recording of findings and to document the basis for the findings.

(d) The State survey agency must use the survey methods, procedures, and forms that are prescribed by CMS.

(e) The State survey agency must ensure that a facility's or agency's actual provision of care and services to residents and patients and the effects of that care on such residents and patients are assessed in a systematic manner.

[59 FR 56237, Nov. 10, 1994, as amended at 77 FR 67164, Nov. 8, 2012]