§ 75.1001-1 Devices for overcurrent protection; testing and calibration requirements; records.

(a) Automatic circuit interrupting devices that will deenergize the affected circuit upon occurrence of a short circuit at any point in the system will meet the requirements of § 75.1001.

(b) Automatic circuit interrupting devices described in paragraph (a) of this section shall be tested and calibrated at intervals not to exceed six months. Testing of such devices shall include passing the necessary amount of electric current through the device to cause activation. Calibration of such devices shall include adjustment of all associated relays to ±15 percent of the indicated value. An authorized representative of the Secretary may require additional testing or calibration of these devices.

(c) A record of the tests and calibrations required by paragraph (b) of this section shall be kept, and shall be made available, upon request, to an authorized representative of the Secretary.

[38 FR 29998, Oct. 31, 1973, as amended at 60 FR 33723, June 29, 1995]