§ 121.420 Pilots: Upgrade ground training.

(a) Upgrade ground training must include instruction in at least the following subjects as applicable to the duties assigned to the pilot in command:

(1) Seat dependent procedures, as applicable;

(2) Duty position procedures, as applicable; and

(3) Crew resource management, including decision making, authority and responsibility, and conflict resolution.

(b) In addition to the requirements in paragraph (a) of this section, upgrade ground training must include instruction and facilitated discussion on the following:

(1) Leadership and command, including flightcrew member duties under § 121.542; and

(2) Mentoring, including techniques for reinforcing the highest standards of technical performance, airmanship, and professional development in newly hired pilots.

(c) Compliance date: Beginning on April 27, 2022, upgrade ground training must satisfy the requirements of this section.

[Amdt. 121-382, 85 FR 10923, Feb. 25, 2020]