§ 540.62 Institutional visits.

(a) A media representative shall make advance appointments for visits.

(b) When media representatives visit the institutions, photographs of programs and activities may be taken, and media representatives may meet with groups of inmates engaged in authorized programs and activities. An inmate has the right not to be photographed and not to have his or her voice recorded by the media. A visiting representative of the media is required to obtain written permission from an inmate before photographing or recording the voice of an inmate participating in authorized programs and activities.

(c) The Warden may suspend all media visits during an institutional emergency and for a reasonable time after the emergency.

(d) An inmate currently confined in an institution may not be employed or act as a reporter.

(e) Interviews by reporters and others not included in § 540.2 may be permitted only by special arrangement and with approval of the Warden.

[44 FR 38247, June 29, 1979, as amended at 75 FR 21164, Apr. 23, 2010]