§ 11.429 Requirements for a limited master of near-coastal self-propelled vessels of less than 100 GRT.

(a) An endorsement as limited master for service on near-coastal waters on vessels of less than 100 GRT may be issued to an applicant to be employed by organizations such as yacht clubs, marinas, formal camps, and educational institutions. An endorsement issued under this section is limited to the specific activity and the locality of the yacht club, marina, or camp. To obtain this restricted endorsement, an applicant must -

(1) Have 4 months of service on any waters in the operation of the type of vessel for which the endorsement is requested;

(2) Satisfactorily complete a safe boating course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, or a safe boating course conducted by the U.S. Power Squadron or the American Red Cross, or a Coast Guard-approved course. This course must have been completed within 5 years before the date of application; and

(3) Pass a limited examination appropriate for the activity to be conducted and the route authorized.

(b) The first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course certificates required by § 11.201(i) of this part will only be required when, in the opinion of the Coast Guard, the geographic area over which service is authorized precludes obtaining medical services within a reasonable time.

(c) To obtain an endorsement for sail or auxiliary sail vessels, the applicant must submit evidence of 4 months of service on sail or auxiliary sail vessels. The required 4 months of service may have been obtained prior to issuance of the license or MMC endorsement.

(d) Holders of this endorsement are considered to be in compliance with the STCW Convention (incorporated by reference, see § 11.102 of this part) while operating within the limitations of this endorsement.