§ 10.231 Requirements for raises of grade or new endorsements.

(a) This section applies to applicants who already hold a valid credential and want to make either of the following transactions:

(1) Add a new endorsement.

(2) Obtain a raise of grade of an existing endorsement.

(b) If an applicant for new endorsement or raise of grade meets the renewal requirements under § 10.227 of this subpart for every endorsement listed on the MMC and requests renewal, the applicant will receive a credential valid for 5 years. When an applicant does not meet the renewal requirements for every endorsement held, the applicant's new endorsement will be issued with the expiration date that is the same as the current MMC.

(c) A complete application for a new endorsement or raise of grade must contain the following:

(1) A completed, signed application.

(2) Proof that the mariner either holds a valid TWIC or has applied for a TWIC.

(3) All supplementary materials required to show that the mariner meets the mandatory requirements for the new endorsements sought as follows:

(i) The mandatory requirements for officer endorsements as contained in part 11 of this subchapter and paragraph (d) of this section.

(ii) The mandatory requirements for rating endorsements as contained in part 12 of this subchapter.

(iii) The mandatory requirements for tankerman rating endorsements are contained in part 13 of this subchapter.

(iv) The mandatory requirements for STCW endorsements as contained in parts 11, 12, and 13 of this subchapter.

(4) The appropriate fee as contained in § 10.219 of this part.

(5) Any uncanceled MMD, MMC, license, STCW endorsement, or COR held by the applicant. If one or more of these credentials are still valid at the time of application, a photocopy - front, back, and all attachments - will satisfy this requirement.

(6) Applicants for the following endorsements must produce evidence of having passed a chemical test for dangerous drugs or of qualifying for an exemption from testing in § 16.220 of this subchapter:

(i) Any officer endorsement.

(ii) The first endorsement as able seaman, lifeboatman, lifeboatman-limited, qualified member of the engine department, or tankerman.

(7) Where sea service is required, documentary evidence in accordance with § 10.232 of this part.

(8) Applicants seeking a new endorsement must either hold an unexpired medical certificate or submit a medical certificate application.

(9) Consent to a Coast Guard check for offenses described in section 205(a)(3)(A) or (B) of the National Driver Register Act of 1982, as amended.

(d) Additional requirements for an applicant seeking a raise of grade of an officer endorsement are as follows:

(1) Sea service acquired before the issuance of an officer endorsement is generally not accepted as any part of the service required for a raise of grade of that endorsement. However, service acquired before issuance of an officer endorsement will be accepted for certain crossovers, endorsements, or increases in scope of an MMC, as appropriate. In the limited tonnage categories for deck officers, total accumulated service is a necessary criterion for most raises of grade; therefore, service acquired before the issuance of such officer endorsements will be accepted.

(2) An applicant remains eligible for a raise of grade while on probation as a result of action under part 5 of this chapter. A raise of grade issued to a person on probation will be subject to the same probationary conditions imposed against his or her other credentials. The offense for which he or she was placed on probation will be considered on the merits of the case in determining fitness to hold the endorsement applied for. No applicant will be examined for a raise of grade during any period when a suspension without probation or a revocation imposed under part 5 of this chapter is effective against his or her credential or while an appeal from these actions is pending.

(3) Professional examination.

(i) When the Coast Guard finds an applicant's experience and training for raise of grade is satisfactory, and the applicant is eligible in all other respects, the Coast Guard will authorize a professional examination.

(ii) Oral-assisted examinations may be administered in accordance with § 11.201(j) of this subchapter.

(iii) The general instructions for administration of examinations and the lists of subjects for all endorsements are found in part 11, subpart I; part 12, subpart E; and part 13, subpart A of this subchapter.

[USCG-2004-17914, 78 FR 77894, Dec. 24, 2013]