§ 410.10 Medical and other health services: Included services.

Subject to the conditions and limitations specified in this subpart, “medical and other health services” includes the following services:

(a) Physicians' services.

(b) Services and supplies furnished incident to a physician's professional services, of kinds that are commonly furnished in physicians' offices and are commonly either furnished without charge or included in the physicians' bills.

(c) Services and supplies, including partial hospitalization services, that are incident to physician services and are furnished to outpatients by or under arrangements made by a hospital or a CAH.

(d) Diagnostic services furnished to outpatients by or under arrangements made by a hospital or a CAH if the services are services that the hospital or CAH ordinarily furnishes to its outpatients for diagnostic study.

(e) Diagnostic laboratory and X-ray tests (including diagnostic mammography that meets the conditions for coverage specified in § 410.34(b) of this subpart) and other diagnostic tests.

(f) X-ray therapy and other radiation therapy services.

(g) Medical supplies, appliances, and devices.

(h) Durable medical equipment.

(i) Ambulance services.

(j) Rural health clinic services.

(k) Home dialysis supplies and equipment; on or after July 1, 1991, epoetin (EPO) for home dialysis patients, and, on or after January 1, 1994, for dialysis patients, competent to use the drug; self-care home dialysis support services; and institutional dialysis services and supplies.

(l) Pneumococcal vaccinations.

(m) Outpatient physical therapy and speech pathology services.

(n) Cardiac pacemakers and pacemaker leads.

(o) Additional services furnished to enrollees of HMOs or CMPs, as described in § 410.58.

(p) Hepatitis B vaccine.

(q) Blood clotting factors for hemophilia patients competent to use these factors without medical or other supervision.

(r) Screening mammography services.

(s) Federally qualified health center services.

(t) Services of a certified registered nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist's assistant.

(u) Prescription drugs used in immunosuppressive therapy.

(v) Clinical psychologist services and services and supplies furnished as an incident to the services of a clinical psychologist, as provided in § 410.71.

(w) Clinical social worker services, as provided in § 410.73.

(x) Services of physicians and other practitioners furnished in or at the direction of an IHS or Indian tribal hospital or clinic.

(y) Intravenous immune globulin administered in the home for the treatment of primary immune deficiency diseases.

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