§ 431.222 Definitions concerning traffic signal modules and pedestrian modules.

Basic model means all units of a given type of covered product (or class thereof) manufactured by one manufacturer, having the same primary energy source, and which have essentially identical electrical, physical, and functional (or hydraulic) characteristics that affect energy consumption, energy efficiency, water consumption, or water efficiency.

Maximum wattage means the power consumed by the module after being operated for 60 minutes while mounted in a temperature testing chamber so that the lensed portion of the module is outside the chamber, all portions of the module behind the lens are within the chamber at a temperature of 74 °C and the air temperature in front of the lens is maintained at a minimum of 49 °C.

Nominal wattage means the power consumed by the module when it is operated within a chamber at a temperature of 25 °C after the signal has been operated for 60 minutes.

Pedestrian module means a light signal used to convey movement information to pedestrians.

Traffic signal module means a standard 8-inch (200 mm) or 12-inch (300 mm) traffic signal indication that -

(1) Consists of a light source, a lens, and all other parts necessary for operation; and

(2) Communicates movement messages to drivers through red, amber, and green colors.

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