§ 155.52 Stakeholder engagement.

In addition to the public participation opportunities described in § 155.50 and § 155.53(c), the Agency may meet with stakeholders regarding a forthcoming or ongoing registration review. For example, before conducting a pesticide's registration review, the Agency may consult with registrants or pesticide users regarding the use and usage of the pesticide. The Agency may consult with registrants, pesticide users, or other persons during a pesticide's registration review with regard to developing risk management options for a pesticide. The Agency may informally consult with officials of Federal, State or Tribal agencies regarding a forthcoming or ongoing registration review.

(a) Minutes of meetings with persons outside of government. Subject to paragraph (c) of this section, if the Agency meets with one or more individuals that are not government employees to discuss matters relating to a registration review, the Agency will place in the docket a list of meeting attendees, minutes of the meeting, and any documents exchanged at the meeting, not later than the earlier of:

(1) 45 days after the meeting; or

(2) The date of issuance of the registration review decision.

(b) Exchange of documents or other written material. In the course of a meeting with a person outside of government, the Agency or that person may provide the other with a copy of a document or other written material that has not yet been released to the public. The Agency will place a copy of any such document or other written material in the docket along with the minutes of the meeting where the materials were exchanged.

(c) Confidential business information. The Agency will identify, but not include in the docket, any confidential business information whose disclosure is prohibited by FIFRA section 10.

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