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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government produced by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office.

Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules for the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code
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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of April 16, 2015

Title 46Chapter IISubchapter DPart 298Subpart D → §298.32

Title 46: Shipping
Subpart D—Documentation

§298.32   Required provisions in documentation.

(a) Performance under shipyard and related contracts. Generally, shipyard and related contracts must contain provisions for:

(1) Furnishing by the shipyard or contractor of the Shipyard Project of satisfactory insurance and a satisfactory performance bond where Obligations are issued during the construction period, except that if the shipyard or contractor of the Shipyard Project demonstrates to our satisfaction that it has sufficient financial resources and operational capacity to complete the project, posting of a bond will not be required;

(2) Allowing access to the Vessel or Shipyard Project, as well as all related work projects being performed by the contractor and subcontractors, to our representative, at all reasonable times, to inspect performance of the work and to observe trials and other tests for the purpose of determining that the Vessel or Shipyard Project is being constructed, reconstructed, or reconditioned in accordance with contract plans and specifications approved by us;

(3) Submitting to us, upon request, one set of shipyard plans, in form and substance satisfactory to us, for the Vessel or Shipyard Project as built;

(4) Making periodic payments for the work in accordance with an agreed schedule, submitted by the shipyard or contractor, as appropriate, in a form acceptable to us, based on percentage of completion, after such percentage and satisfactory performance are certified by the Obligor, shipyard or contractor, as appropriate, and our representative as to each payment;

(5) Prohibiting the use of proceeds from the sale of Obligations for the payment of work performed outside the shipyard, unless we consent in writing to such use; and

(6) Requiring that all components of the hull and superstructure of a U.S.-documented Vessel and an Eligible Export Vessel shall be assembled in the United States.

(7) If Obligation will not be issued during the construction period of the Vessel and Shipyard Project, requiring that shipyard-related contracts shall generally include the provisions specified in paragraphs (a)(2), (a)(3) and (a)(6) of this section.

(b) Assignments and general covenants from Obligor to us. The Obligor shall assign rights and shall covenant with us, as we require, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Assignment of all or part of the right, title and interest under the construction contract and related contracts, except those rights expressly reserved therein by the Obligor relating to such things as patent infringement and liquidated damages;

(2) Assignment of rights to receive all moneys which from time to time become due regarding Vessel or Shipyard Project construction;

(3) Assignment, where applicable, of all or a part of the bareboat charter, time charter, contracts of affreightment or other agreements relating to the use of the Vessel or Shipyard Project and all hire payable to the Obligor, and delivery to us of required consents by appropriate parties to any such assignments;

(4) Covenants relating to the filing of satisfactory evidence of continuing United States citizenship, in accordance with 46 CFR part 355, with the exception of Eligible Export Vessels and shipyards with Shipyard Projects; warranty of Vessel or Shipyard Project title free from all liens other than those specifically excepted; maintaining United States documentation of the Vessel or documentation under the laws of a country other than the United States with regard to an Eligible Export Vessel; compliance with the provisions of 46 U.S.C. 31301-31343, except that Eligible Export Vessels shall comply with the definition of a “preferred mortgage” in 46 U.S.C. 31301(6)(B), requiring, among other things, that the Mortgage shall comply with the mortgage laws of the foreign country where the Vessel is documented and shall have been registered under those laws in a public register; Notice of Mortgage, payment of all taxes (except if being contested in good faith); annual financial statements audited by independent certified or independent licensed public accountant.

(5) Covenants to keep records of construction costs paid by or for the Obligor's account and to furnish us with a detailed statement of those costs, distinguishing between:

(i) Items paid or obligated to be paid, attested to by independent certified public accountants unless otherwise verified by us; and

(ii) Costs of American and foreign materials (including services) in the hull and superstructure.

(6) Covenants to maintain Marine and War Risk Hull and Machinery insurance on the Vessel or Eligible Export Vessel in an amount equal to 110% of the outstanding Obligations or up to the full commercial value of the Vessel or Eligible Export Vessel, whichever is greater; Marine and War Risk Protection and Indemnity insurance; Interim War Risk Binders for Hull and Machinery, and Protection and Indemnity coverages underwritten by us as authorized by Title XII of the Act; and such additional insurance as may be required by us. All insurance required to be maintained shall be placed with the United States Government and American and/or British (and/or other foreign, if permitted by us by prior written notice) insurance companies, underwriters' associations or underwriting funds approved by us through marine insurance brokers and/or underwriting agents approved by us. All insurance required to be maintained shall be placed under the latest (at the time of issue) forms of American Institute of Marine Underwriters policies approved by us and/or under such other forms of policies which we may approve in writing and/or policies issued by or for us insuring the Vessel or Eligible Export Vessel against the usual risks provided for under such forms, including such amounts of increase value or other forms of “that total loss only” insurance permitted by the Hull and Machinery insurance policies;

(7) Collateralize other debt due to us under other Title XI financings;

(8) Covenants to maintain shipyard insurance on the Shipyard Project in an amount equal to 110% of the outstanding Obligations or up to the full commercial value of the Shipyard Project, whichever is greater, and such additional insurance as may be required by us; and

(9) Covenants to maintain additional types of insurance as may be required by us with respect to Eligible Export Vessels, i.e. political risk insurance, to cover such items as the political, financial, and/or economic risk in a foreign country.

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