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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government produced by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office.

Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules for the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code
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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of November 23, 2015

Title 9Chapter IIISubchapter IPart 590

TITLE 9—Animals and Animal Products






Meaning of words.
Terms defined.


Federal and State cooperation.
OMB control numbers assigned pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Scope of Inspection

Inspection in accordance with methods prescribed or approved.
Basis of service.
Egg products plants requiring continuous inspection.
Egg products entering or prepared in official plants.
Other inspections.

Relation to Other Authorities

At official plants.
Eggs and egg products outside official plants.

Eggs and Egg Products Not Intended for Human Food

Continuous inspection not provided.
Prohibition on eggs and egg products not intended for use as human food.

Refrigeration of Shell Eggs

Temperature and labeling requirements.


Specific exemptions.
Suspension or termination of exemptions.

Performance of Service

Licensed inspectors.
Suspension of license or authority; revocation.
Surrender of license.
Activities of inspectors.
Political activity.
Financial interest of inspectors.
Time of inspection.
Schedule of operation of official plants.
Overtime inspection service.
Holiday inspection service.
Basis of billing plants.
Access to plants.
Accessibility of product and cooler rooms.
Facilities and equipment to be furnished by official plants for use of inspectors in performing service.

Application for Service

How application shall be made.
Filing of application.
Authority of applicant.
Application for continuous inspection in official plants; approval.
Order of service.

Inauguration of Service

Official plant numbers.
Inauguration of service.

Denial of Service

Refusal, suspension, or withdrawal of service.
Termination of plant approval.

Records and Related Requirements for Eggs and Egg Products Handlers and Related Industries

Records and related requirements.
Information and assistance to be furnished to inspectors.

Administrative Detention

Detaining product.

Appeal of an Inspection or Decision

Who may request an appeal inspection or review of an inspector's decision.
Where to file an appeal.
How to file an appeal.
When an application for an appeal inspection may be refused.
Who shall perform the appeal.
Procedures for selecting appeal samples.
Appeal inspection certificates.
Cost of appeals.


Form of certificates.
Egg products inspection certificates.
Erasures or alterations made on official certificates.
Disposition of official certificates.

Identifying and Marking Product

Shell eggs and egg products required to be labeled.
Requirement of formulas and approval of labels for use in official egg products plants.
Form of official identification symbol and inspection mark.
Products bearing the official inspection mark.
Use of other official identification.
Unauthorized use or disposition of approved labels.
Supervision of marking and packaging.
Reuse of containers bearing official identification prohibited.

Inspection, Reinspection, Condemnation, and Retention


Entry of Material Into Official Egg Products Plants

Limitation on entry of material.
Wholesomeness and approval of materials.
Processing ova.

Sanitary, Processing, and Facility Requirements

Plant requirements.
Equipment and utensils; PCB-containing equipment.
General operating procedures.
Candling and transfer-room facilities and equipment.
Candling and transfer-room operations.
Classifications of shell eggs used in the processing of egg products.
Egg cleaning operations.
Sanitizing and drying of shell eggs prior to breaking.
Breaking room facilities.
Breaking room operations.
Liquid egg cooling.
Liquid egg holding.
Freezing facilities.
Freezing operations.
Defrosting facilities.
Defrosting operations.
Spray process drying facilities.
Spray process drying operations.
Spray process powder; definitions and requirements.
Albumen flake process drying facilities.
Albumen flake process drying operations.
Drying, blending, packaging, and heat treatment rooms and facilities.
Dried egg storage.
Washing and sanitizing room or area facilities.
Cleaning and sanitizing requirements.
Health and hygiene of personnel.
Pasteurization of liquid eggs.
Heat treatment of dried whites.


Laboratory tests and analyses.

Exempted Egg Products Plants

Application for exemption.
Criteria for exemption.
Authority of applicant.
Filing of application.
Application for exemption; approval.
Exempted plant registration number.
Inspection of exempted plants.
Termination of exemption.
Approval of labeling for egg products processed in exempted egg products processing plants.

Identification of Restricted Eggs or Egg Products Not Intended for Human Consumption

Identification of restricted eggs.
Identification of inedible, unwholesome, or adulterated egg products.
Identification wording.


Requirements for importation of egg products or restricted eggs into the United States.
Importation of restricted eggs or eggs containing more restricted eggs than permitted in the official standards for U.S. Consumer Grade B.
Eligibility of foreign countries for importation of egg products into the United States.
Foreign inspection certificate requirements.
Import inspection application.
Inspection of imported egg products.
Imported egg products; retention in customs custody; delivery under bond; movement prior to inspection; sealing; handling; facilities, and assistance.
Means of conveyance and equipment used in handling egg products to be maintained in sanitary condition.
Marking of egg products offered for importation.
Foreign egg products offered for importation; reporting of findings to customs; handling of products refused entry.
Labeling of containers of eggs or egg products for importation.
Labeling of shipping containers of eggs or egg products for importation.
Relabeling of imported egg products.
Small importations for consignee's personal use, display, or laboratory analysis.
Returned U.S. inspected and marked products; not importations.
Charges for storage, cartage, and labor with respect to products imported contrary to the Act.

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