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Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules for the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code
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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR Data is current as of April 17, 2014

Title 41: Public Contracts and Property Management
Subpart B—Exchange/Sale Considerations

§102-39.60   What restrictions and prohibitions apply to the exchange/sale of personal property?

Unless a deviation is requested of and approved by GSA as addressed in part 102-2 of this chapter and the provisions of §§102-39.25 and 102-39.30, you must not use the exchange/sale authority for:

(a) The following FSC groups of personal property:

10 Weapons.

11 Nuclear ordnance.

42 Firefighting, rescue, and safety equipment.

44 Nuclear reactors (FSC Class 4470 only).

51 Hand tools.

54 Prefabricated structure and scaffolding (FSC Class 5410 Prefabricated and Portable Buildings, FSC Class 5411 Rigid Wall Shelters, and FSC Class 5419 Collective Modular Support System only).

68 Chemicals and chemical products, except medicinal chemicals.

84 Clothing, individual equipment, and insignia.

Note to §102-39.60(a): Under no circumstances will deviations be granted for FSC Class 1005, Guns through 30mm. Deviations are not required for Department of Defense (DoD) property in FSC Groups 10 (for classes other than FSC Class 1005), 12 and 14 for which the applicable DoD demilitarization requirements, and any other applicable regulations and statutes are met.

(b) Materials in the National Defense Stockpile (50 U.S.C. 98-98h) or the Defense Production Act inventory (50 U.S.C. App. 2093).

(c) Nuclear Regulatory Commission-controlled materials unless you meet the requirements of §101-42.1102-4 of this title.

(d) Controlled substances, unless you meet the requirements of §101-42.1102-3 of this title.

(e) Property with a condition code of scrap, as defined at FMR 102-36.40, except:

(1) Property that had utility and value at the point in time when a determination was made to use the exchange/sale authority;

(2) Property that was otherwise eligible for exchange/sale, but was coded as scrap due to damage (e.g., accident or natural disaster); or

(3) Scrap gold for fine gold.

(f) Property that was originally acquired as excess or forfeited property or from another source other than new procurement, unless such property has been in official use by the acquiring agency for at least 1 year. You may exchange or sell forfeited property in official use for less than 1 year if the head of your agency determines that a continuing valid requirement exists, but the specific item in use no longer meets that requirement, and that exchange or sale meets all other requirements of this part.

(g) Property that is dangerous to public health or safety without first rendering such property innocuous or providing for adequate safeguards as part of the exchange/sale.

(h) Combat material without demilitarizing it or obtaining a demilitarization waiver or other necessary clearances from the Department of Defense Demilitarization Office.

(i) Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Parts (FSCAP) and Critical Safety Items (CSI) unless you meet the provisions of §102-33.370 of this title.

(j) Acquisition of unauthorized replacement property.

(k) Acquisition of replacement property that violates any:

(1) Restriction on procurement of a commodity or commodities;

(2) Replacement policy or standard prescribed by the President, the Congress, or the Administrator of General Services; or

(3) Contractual obligation.

(l) Vessels subject to 40 U.S.C. 548.

(m) Aircraft and aircraft parts, unless there is full compliance with all exchange/sale provisions in part 102-33 of this chapter (41 CFR part 102-33).

[66 FR 48614, Sept. 21, 2001; 66 FR 51095, Oct. 5, 2001, as amended at 69 FR 11539, Mar. 11, 2004; 71 FR 20900, Apr. 24, 2006. Redesignated at 73 FR 50880, Aug. 29, 2008; 75 FR 24820, May 6, 2010; 76 FR 67372, Nov. 1, 2011]

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