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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR Data is current as of April 23, 2014

Title 41: Public Contracts and Property Management

§61-250.10   What reporting requirements apply to Federal contractors and subcontractors, and what specific wording must the reporting requirements contract clause contain?

Each contractor or subcontractor described in §61-250.1 must submit reports in accordance with the following reporting clause, which must be included in each of its covered government contracts or subcontracts (and modifications, renewals, or extensions thereof if not included in the original contract). Such clause is considered as an addition to the equal opportunity action clause required by 41 CFR 60-250.5. The reporting requirements clause is as follows:

Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, Other Protected Veterans, and Recently Separated Veterans.

(a) The contractor or subcontractor agrees to report at least annually, as required by the Secretary of Labor, on:

(1) The number of current employees in each job category and at each hiring location who are special disabled veterans, the number who are veterans of the Vietnam era, the number who are other protected veterans, and the number who are recently separated veterans;

(2) The total number of new employees hired during the period covered by the report, and of that total, the number who are special disabled veterans, the number who are veterans of the Vietnam era, the number who are other protected veterans, and the number who are recently separated veterans; and

(3) The maximum number and minimum number of employees of such contractor at each hiring location during the period covered by the report.

(b) The above items must be reported by completing the form entitled “Federal Contractor Veterans' Employment Report VETS-100.”

(c) VETS-100 reports must be submitted no later than September 30 of each year beginning September 30, 2001. The eligibility period (the period during which an employer received a Federal contract) for this report and all subsequent reports is the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) that precedes the year in which the report is submitted.

(d) The employment activity report required by paragraphs (a)(2) and (a)(3) of this clause must reflect total new hires and maximum and minimum number of employees during the 12-month period preceding the ending date that the contractor selects for the current employment report required by paragraph (a)(1) of this clause. Contractors may select an ending date: (1) As of the end of any pay period during the period July 1 through August 31 of the year the report is due; or (2) as of December 31, if the contractor has previous written approval from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to do so for purposes of submitting the Employer Information Report EEO-1, Standard Form 100 (EEO-1 Report).

(e) The number of veterans reported according to paragraph (a) of this clause must be based on data known to contractors and subcontractors when completing their VETS-100 Reports. Contractors' and subcontractors' knowledge of veteran status may be obtained in a variety of ways, including, in response to an invitation to applicants to self-identify in accordance with 41 CFR 60-250.42, voluntary self-disclosures by protected incumbent veterans, or actual knowledge of an employee's veteran status by a contractor or subcontractor. Nothing in this paragraph (e) relieves a contractor from liability for discrimination under 38 U.S.C. 4212. (OMB No. 1293-0005)

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