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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR Data is current as of April 14, 2014

Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Subpart J—American Grape Variety Names

§4.92   Alternative names permitted for temporary use.

The following alternative names shown in the left column may be used as the type designation for American wine in lieu of the name of the grape variety shown in the right column. Alternative names listed in the left column may only be used for wine bottled prior to the date indicated.

(a) Wines bottled prior to January 1, 1997.

Alternative Name/Name

Baco 1—Baco noir

Baco 22A—Baco blanc


Black Spanish—Lenoir

Burdin 7705—Florental

Cayuga—Cayuga White

Chancellor noir—Chancellor

Chasselas—Chasselas doré


Chelois noir—Chelois

Couderc 71-20—Couderc noir

Couderc 299-35—Muscat du Moulin

Foch—Maréchal Foch

Franken Riesling—Sylvaner

Gutedel—Chasselas doré

Ives Seedling—Ives


Joannes Seyve 26-205—Chambourcin

Landot 244—Landal

Landot 4511—Landot noir

Millot—Leon Millot

Moore's Diamond—Diamond

Norton Seedling—Norton

Pfeffer Cabernet—Cabernet Pfeffer

Pineau de la Loire—Chenin blanc

Pinot Chardonnay—Chardonnay

Ravat 262—Ravat noir

Ruländer—Pinot gris

Seibel 128—Salvador

Seibel 1000—Rosette

Seibel 4986—Rayon d'Or

Seibel 5279—Aurore

Seibel 5898—Rougeon

Seibel 7053—Chancellor

Seibel 8357—Colobel

Seibel 9110—Verdelet

Seibel 9549—De Chaunac

Seibel 10878—Chelois

Seibel 13053—Cascade

Seibel 14596—Bellandais

Seyve-Villard 5-276—Seyval

Seyve-Villard 12-309—Roucaneuf

Seyve-Villard 12-375—Villard blanc

Seyve-Villard 18-283—Garronet

Seyve-Villard 18-315—Villard noir

Seyve-Villard 23-410—Valerien

Sweetwater—Chasselas doré

Verdelet blanc—Verdelet

Vidal 256—Vidal blanc

Virginia Seedling—Norton

Wälschriesling—Welsch Rizling

Welschriesling—Welsch Rizling

(b) Wines bottled prior to January 1, 1999.

Alternative Name/Name

Cabernet—Cabernet Sauvignon

Grey Riesling—Trousseau gris

Muscat Frontignan—Muscat blanc

Muscat Pantelleria—Muscat of Alexandria

Napa Gamay—Valdiquié

Pinot Saint George—Négrette

Sauvignon vert—Muscadelle

(c) Wines bottled prior to January 1, 2006.

Alternative Name/Name

Johannisberg Riesling—Riesling

(d) Wines bottled prior to October 29, 2012.

Alternative Name/Name


[T.D. ATF-370, 61 FR 539, Jan. 8, 1996, as amended by T.D. ATF-417, 64 FR 49388, Sept. 13, 1999; T.D. TTB-95, 76 FR 66629, Oct. 27, 2011]

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