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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR Data is current as of April 23, 2014

Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms
Subpart X—Distilled Spirits for Fuel Use

§19.676   Large plant permit applications.

(a) General. Any person wishing to establish a large plant must file form TTB F 5110.74, Application and Permit for an Alcohol Fuel Producer Under 26 U.S.C. 5181, with the appropriate TTB officer.

(b) Application information. The applicant for a large plant permit must include the following information with the application:

(1) Name and mailing address of the applicant, and the location of the plant if not the same as the mailing address;

(2) A diagram of the plant premises;

(3) A statement regarding ownership of the premises. If the premises are not owned by the applicant, the owner's consent for access by TTB officers must be furnished;

(4) A description of the stills on the premises and a statement of the maximum capacity of each;

(5) A description of the materials from which spirits will be produced;

(6) A description of the security measures to be used to protect the premises, buildings, and equipment where spirits are produced, processed, and stored;

(7) A statement of the maximum total proof gallons of spirits that will be produced and received during a calendar year;

(8) Information identifying the principal persons involved in the business. This identifying information must include each person's name, address, title, social security number, date of birth, and place of birth;

(9) A statement indicating whether or not the applicant or any of the principal persons involved in the business has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor under Federal or State law. The statement may exclude convictions for misdemeanor traffic violations;

(10) A statement of the amount and source of funds invested in the business; and

(11) A statement identifying the type of business organization and the persons having an ownership interest in the business. The applicant must support this statement by providing the information specified in §19.677.

(c) Bond. The applicant for a large plant permit must provide a bond in accordance with §19.699 with a sufficient penal sum as prescribed in §19.700. The applicant must submit the bond on form TTB F 5110.56, Distilled Spirits Bond, and the appropriate TTB officer must approve the bond before issuance of the permit.

(d) Power of attorney. The applicant for a large plant permit, or the proprietor of the plant if different from the applicant, must execute and file with the appropriate TTB officer form TTB F 5000.8, Power of Attorney, for each person authorized to sign or act on behalf of the proprietor unless that authority has been furnished elsewhere in the application.

(e) Information already on file. If any of the information required by this section is already on file with TTB and the information is accurate and complete, the applicant may advise the appropriate TTB officer that the information on file is incorporated by reference and made part of the application.

(f) Additional information. When required by the appropriate TTB officer, the applicant must furnish as part of the application for a permit under this section, any additional information required by TTB to determine whether the application should be approved.

(g) Approval of permit. The applicant may not commence operations before approval of the application and issuance of the large plant permit.

(26 U.S.C. 5181)

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