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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR Data is current as of April 22, 2014

Title 21: Food and Drugs
Subpart A—General Provisions

§182.10   Spices and other natural seasonings and flavorings.

Spices and other natural seasonings and flavorings that are generally recognized as safe for their intended use, within the meaning of section 409 of the Act, are as follows:

Common nameBotanical name of plant source
Alfalfa herb and seedMedicago sativa L.
AllspicePimenta officinalis Lindl.
Ambrette seedHibiscus abelmoschus L.
AngelicaAngelica archangelica L. or other spp. of Angelica.
Angelica root      Do.
Angelica seed      Do.
Angostura (cusparia bark)Galipea officinalis Hancock.
AnisePimpinella anisum L.
Anise, starIllicium verum Hook. f.
Balm (lemon balm)Melissa officinalis L.
Basil, bushOcimum minimum L.
Basil, sweetOcimum basilicum L.
BayLaurus nobilis L.
CalendulaCalendula officinalis L.
Camomile (chamomile), English or RomanAnthemis nobilis L.
Camomile (chamomile), German or HungarianMatricaria chamomilla L.
CapersCapparis spinosa L.
CapsicumCapsicum frutescens L. or Capsicum annuum L.
CarawayCarum carvi L.
Caraway, black (black cumin)Nigella sativa L.
Cardamom (cardamon)Elettaria cardamomum Maton.
Cassia, ChineseCinnamomum cassia Blume.
Cassia, Padang or BataviaCinnamomum burmanni Blume.
Cassia, SaigonCinnamomum loureirii Nees.
Cayenne pepperCapsicum frutescens L. or Capsicum annuum L.
Celery seedApium graveolens L.
ChervilAnthriscus cerefolium (L.) Hoffm.
ChivesAllium schoenoprasum L.
Cinnamon, CeylonCinnamomum zeylanicum Nees.
Cinnamon, ChineseCinnamomum cassia Blume.
Cinnamon, SaigonCinnamomum loureirii Nees.
Clary (clary sage)Salvia sclarea L.
CloverTrifolium spp.
CorianderCoriandrum sativum L.
Cumin (cummin)Cuminum cyminum L.
Cumin, black (black caraway)Nigella sativa L.
Elder flowersSambucus canadensis L.
Fennel, commonFoeniculum vulgare Mill.
Fennel, sweet (finocchio, Florence fennel)Foeniculum vulgare Mill. var. duice (DC.) Alex.
FenugreekTrigonella foenum-graecum L.
Galanga (galangal)Alpinia officinarum Hance.
GeraniumPelargonium spp.
GingerZingiber officinale Rosc.
Grains of paradiseAmomum melegueta Rosc.
Horehound (hoarhound)Marrubium vulgare L.
HorseradishArmoracia lapathifolia Gilib.
HyssopHyssopus officinalis L.
LavenderLavandula officinalis Chaix.
Linden flowersTilia spp.
MaceMyristica fragrans Houtt.
Marigold, potCalendula officinalis L.
Marjoram, potMajorana onites (L.) Benth.
Marjoram, sweetMajorana hortensis Moench.
Mustard, black or brownBrassica nigra (L.) Koch.
Mustard, brownBrassica juncea (L.) Coss.
Mustard, white or yellowBrassica hirta Moench.
NutmegMyristica fragrans Houtt.
Oregano (oreganum, Mexican oregano, Mexican sage, origan)Lippia spp.
PaprikaCapsicum annuum L.
ParsleyPetroselinum crispum (Mill.) Mansf.
Pepper, blackPiper nigrum L.
Pepper, cayenneCapsicum frutescens L. or Capsicum annuum L.
Pepper, red      Do.
Pepper, whitePiper nigrum L.
PeppermintMentha piperita L.
Poppy seedPapayer somniferum L.
Pot marigoldCalendula officinalis L.
Pot marjoramMajorana onites (L.) Benth.
RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis L.
SaffronCrocus sativus L.
SageSalvia officinalis L.
Sage, GreekSalvia triloba L.
Savory, summerSatureia hortensis L. (Satureja).
Savory, winterSatureia montana L. (Satureja).
SesameSesamum indicum L.
SpearmintMentha spicata L.
Star aniseIllicium verum Hook. f.
TarragonArtemisia dracunculus L.
ThymeThymus vulgaris L.
Thyme, wild or creepingThymus serpyllum L.
TurmericCurcuma longa L.
VanillaVanilla planifolia Andr. or Vanilla tahitensis J. W. Moore.
ZedoaryCurcuma zedoaria Rosc.

[42 FR 14640, Mar. 15, 1977, as amended at 43 FR 3705, Jan. 27, 1978; 44 FR 3963, Jan. 19, 1979; 50 FR 21044, May 22, 1985; 61 FR 14246, Apr. 1, 1996]

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