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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government produced by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office.

Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules for the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code
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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

e-CFR data is current as of April 23, 2015

Title 47Chapter ISubchapter APart 18 → Subpart B

Title 47: Telecommunication

Subpart B—Applications and Authorizations

§18.201   Scope.
§18.203   Equipment authorization.
§18.207   Technical report.
§18.209   Identification of authorized equipment.
§18.211   Multiple listing of equipment.
§18.212   Compliance information.
§18.213   Information to the user.

§18.201   Scope.

This subpart contains the procedures and requirements for authorization to market or operate ISM equipment under this part.

§18.203   Equipment authorization.

(a) Consumer ISM equipment, unless otherwise specified, must be authorized under either the Declaration of Conformity or certification procedure prior to use or marketing. An application for certification shall be filed with the Commission on an FCC Form 731, pursuant to the relevant sections in part 2, subpart J of this chapter and shall also be accompanied by:

(1) A description of measurement facilities pursuant to §2.948, or reference to such information already on file with the Commission.

(2) A technical report pursuant to §§18.207 and 18.311.

(b) Consumer ultrasonic equipment generating less than 500 watts and operating below 90 kHz, and non-consumer ISM equipment shall be subject to verification, in accordance with the relevant sections of part 2, subpart J of this chapter.

(c) Grants of equipment authorization issued, as well as on-site certifications performed, before March 1, 1986, remain in effect and no further action is required.

[50 FR 36067, Sept. 5, 1985, as amended at 63 FR 36603 July 7, 1998]

§18.207   Technical report.

When required by the Commission a technical report shall include at least the following information:

(a) A description of the measurement facilities in accordance with §2.948. If such a description is already on file with the Commission, it may be included by reference.

(b) A copy of the installation and operating instructions furnished to the user. A draft copy of such instructions may be submitted with the application, provided a copy of the actual document to be furnished to the user is submitted as soon as it is available, but no later than 60 days after the grant of the application.

(c) The full name and mailing address of the manufacturer of the device and/or applicant filing for the equipment authorization.

(d) The FCC Identifier, trade name(s), and/or model number(s) under which the equipment is or will be marketed.

(e) A statement of the rated technical parameters that includes:

(1) A block and schematic diagram of the circuitry.

(2) Nominal operating frequency.

(3) Maximum RF energy generated.

(4) Electrical power requirements of equipment.

(5) Any other pertinent operating characteristics.

(f) A report of measurements, including a list of the measuring equipment used, and a statement of the date when the measuring equipment was last calibrated and when the measurements were made. The frequency range that was investigated in obtaining the report of measurements shall be indicated. See also §§18.309 and 18.311.

[50 FR 36067, Sept. 5, 1985, as amended at 63 FR 36603, July 7, 1998]

§18.209   Identification of authorized equipment.

(a) Each device for which a grant of equipment authorization is issued under this part shall be identified pursuant to the applicable provisions of subpart J of part 2 of this chapter. Changes in the identification of authorized equipment may be made pursuant to §2.933 of part 2 of this chapter. FCC Identifiers as described in §§2.925 and 2.926 of this chapter shall not be used on equipment subject to verification or Declaration of Conformity.

(b) Devices authorized under the Declaration of Conformity procedure shall be labelled with the logo shown below. The label shall not be a stick-on, paper label. It shall be permanently affixed to the product and shall be readily visible to the purchaser at the time of purchase, as described in §2.925(d) of this chapter. Permanently affixed means that the label is etched, engraved, stamped, silkscreened, indelibly printed, or otherwise permanently marked on a permanently attached part of the equipment or on a nameplate of metal, plastic, or other material fastened to the equipment by welding, riveting, or a permanent adhesive. The label must be designed to last the expected lifetime of the equipment in the environment in which the equipment may be operated and must not be readily detachable. The logo follows:

eCFR graphic er07jy98.027.gif

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[63 FR 36603, July 7, 1998]

§18.211   Multiple listing of equipment.

(a) When the same or essentially the same equipment will be marketed under more than one FCC Identifier, equipment authorization must be requested on an FCC Form 731 for each FCC Identifier.

(b) If equipment authorization for additional FCC Identifiers is requested in the initial application, a statement shall be included describing how these additional devices differ from the basic device which was measured and stating that the report of measurements submitted for the basic device applies also to the additional devices.

(c) If equipment authorization for additional FCC Identifiers is requested after a grant has been issued by the FCC for the basic device, the application may, in lieu of the report of measurements, be accompanied by a statement including:

(1) FCC Identifier of device for which measurements are on file with the FCC.

(2) Date when equipment authorization was granted for the device(s) listed under paragraph (c)(1) of this section and the file number of such grant.

(3) Description of the difference between the device listed under paragraph (c)(1) of this section and the additional device(s).

(4) A statement that the report of measurements filed for the device listed under paragraph (c)(1) of this section applies also to the additional device(s).

(5) Photographs pursuant to §2.1033(c).

§18.212   Compliance information.

(a) Equipment authorized under the Declaration of Conformity procedure shall include the following compliance information in lieu of the information required by §2.1077.

(1) Identification of the product, e.g., name and model number.

(2) A statement similar to the following:

This device complies with Part 18 of the FCC Rules.

(3) The name and address of the responsible party as defined in §2.909 of the rules. This party must be located within the United States.

(b) The compliance information may be placed in the instruction manual, on a separate sheet, or on the packaging. There is no specific format for this information.

[63 FR 36603, July 7, 1998]

§18.213   Information to the user.

Information on the following matters shall be provided to the user in the instruction manual or on the packaging if an instruction manual is not provided for any type of ISM equipment:

(a) The interference potential of the device or system

(b) Maintenance of the system

(c) Simple measures that can be taken by the user to correct interference.

(d) Manufacturers of RF lighting devices must provide an advisory statement, either on the product packaging or with other user documentation, similar to the following: This product may cause interference to radio equipment and should not be installed near maritime safety communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45-30 MHz. Variations of this language are permitted provided all the points of the statement are addressed and may be presented in any legible font or text style.

[50 FR 36069, Sept. 5, 1985, as amended at 51 FR 17970, May 16, 1986; 64 FR 37419, July 12, 1999]

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