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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XXVPart 2552 → Subpart B

Title 45: Public Welfare

Subpart B—Eligibility and Responsibilities of a Sponsor

§2552.21   Who is eligible to serve as a sponsor?
§2552.22   What are the responsibilities of a sponsor?
§2552.23   What are a sponsor's program responsibilities?
§2552.24   What are a sponsor's responsibilities for securing community participation?
§2552.25   What are a sponsor's administrative responsibilities?
§2552.26-2552.32   [Reserved]
§2552.33   May a sponsor administer more than one program grant from the Corporation?

§2552.21   Who is eligible to serve as a sponsor?

The Corporation awards grants to public agencies, including Indian tribes and non-profit private organizations, both secular and faith-based, in the United States that have the authority to accept and the capability to administer a Foster Grandparent project.

[69 FR 60095, Oct. 7, 2004]

§2552.22   What are the responsibilities of a sponsor?

A sponsor is responsible for fulfilling all project management requirements necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Foster Grandparent Program as specified in the Act. A sponsor shall not delegate or contract these responsibilities to another entity. A sponsor shall comply with all program regulations and policies, and grant provisions prescribed by the Corporation.

§2552.23   What are a sponsor's program responsibilities?

A sponsor shall:

(a) Focus Foster Grandparent resources on providing supportive services and companionship to children with special and exceptional needs, or in circumstances that limit their academic, social, or emotional development within the project's service area.

(b) Assess in collaboration with other community organizations or utilize existing assessment of the needs of the client population in the community and develop strategies to respond to those needs using the resources of Foster Grandparents.

(c) Develop and manage a system of volunteer stations by:

(1) Ensuring that a volunteer station is a public or non-profit private organization, whether secular or faith-based, or an eligible proprietary health care agency, capable of serving as a volunteer station for the placement of Foster Grandparents;

(2) Ensuring that the placement of Foster Grandparents will be governed by a Memorandum of Understanding:

(i) That is negotiated prior to placement;

(ii) That specifies the mutual responsibilities of the station and sponsor;

(iii) That is renegotiated at least every three years; and

(iv) That states the station assures it will not discriminate against Foster Grandparents or in the operation of its program on the basis of race; color; national origin, including individuals with limited English proficiency; sex; age; political affiliation; religion; or on the basis of disability, if the participant or member is a qualified individual with a disability; and

(3) Reviewing volunteer placements regularly to ensure that clients are eligible to be served.

(d) Develop Foster Grandparent service opportunities to support locally-identified needs of eligible children in a way that considers the skills and experiences of Foster Grandparents.

(e) Consider the demographic make-up of the project service area in the enrollment of Foster Grandparents, taking special efforts to recruit eligible individuals from minority groups, persons with disabilities, and under-represented groups.

(f) Provide Foster Grandparents with assignments that show direct and demonstrable benefits to the children and the community served, the Foster Grandparents, and the volunteer station; with required cost reimbursements specified in §2552.46; with not less than 40 hours of orientation of which 20 hours must be pre-service, and an average of 4 hours of monthly in-service training.

(g) Encourage the most efficient and effective use of Foster Grandparents by coordinating project services and activities with related national, state and local programs, including other Corporation programs.

(h) Conduct an annual appraisal of volunteers' performance and annual review of their income eligibility.

(i) Develop, and annually update, a plan for promoting senior service within the project's service area.

(j) Annually assess the accomplishments and impact of the project on the identified needs and problems of the client population in the community.

(k) Establish written service policies for Foster Grandparents that include but are not limited to annual and sick leave, holidays, service schedules, termination, appeal procedures, meal and transportation reimbursements.

(l) Conduct criminal history checks on all Foster Grandparents and Foster Grandparent grant-funded employees who start service, or begin work, in your program after November 23, 2007, in accordance with the National Service Criminal History Check requirements in 45 CFR 2540.200 through 2540.207.

[64 FR 14126, Mar. 24, 1999, as amended at 67 FR 61000, Sept. 27, 2002; 69 FR 60095, Oct. 7, 2004; 74 FR 46508, Sept. 10, 2009; 77 FR 60934, Oct. 5, 2012]

§2552.24   What are a sponsor's responsibilities for securing community participation?

(a) A sponsor shall secure community participation in local project operation by establishing an Advisory Council or a similar organizational structure with a membership that includes people:

(1) Knowledgeable of human and social needs of the community;

(2) Competent in the field of community service, volunteerism and children's issues;

(3) Capable of helping the sponsor meet its administrative and program responsibilities including fund-raising, publicity and programming for impact;

(4) With interest in and knowledge of the capability of older adults; and

(5) Of a diverse composition that reflects the demographics of the service area.

(b) The sponsor determines how such participation shall be secured consistent with the provisions of paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(5) of this section.

§2552.25   What are a sponsor's administrative responsibilities?

A sponsor shall:

(a) Assume full responsibility for securing maximum and continuing community financial and in-kind support to operate the project successfully.

(b) Provide levels of staffing and resources appropriate to accomplish the purposes of the project and carry out its project management responsibilities.

(c) Employ a full-time project director to accomplish program objectives and manage the functions and activities delegated to project staff for NSSC program(s) within its control. A full-time project director shall not serve concurrently in another capacity, paid or unpaid, during established working hours. The project director may participate in activities to coordinate program resources with those of related local agencies, boards or organizations. A sponsor may negotiate the employment of a part-time project director with the Corporation when it can be demonstrated that such an arrangement will not adversely affect the size, scope, and quality of project operations.

(d) Consider all project staff as sponsor employees subject to its personnel policies and procedures.

(e) Compensate project staff at a level that is comparable with other similar staff positions in the sponsor organization and/or project service area.

(f) Establish risk management policies and procedures covering project and Foster Grandparent activities. This includes provision of appropriate insurance coverage for Foster Grandparents, vehicles and other properties used in the project.

(g) Establish record keeping/reporting systems in compliance with Corporation requirements that ensure quality of program and fiscal operations, facilitate timely and accurate submission of required reports and cooperate with Corporation evaluation and data collection efforts.

(h) Comply with and ensure that all volunteer stations comply with all applicable civil rights laws and regulations, including providing reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

§2552.26-2552.32   [Reserved]

§2552.33   May a sponsor administer more than one program grant from the Corporation?

A sponsor may administer more than one Corporation program grant.

[64 FR 14126, Mar. 24, 1999. Redesignated at 48584, Aug. 24, 2007]

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