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The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government produced by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office.

Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules for the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code
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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

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Title 10Chapter IISubchapter GPart 590 → Subpart B

Title 10: Energy

Subpart B—Applications for Authorization To Import or Export Natural Gas

§590.201   General.
§590.202   Contents of applications.
§590.203   Deficient applications.
§590.204   Amendment or withdrawal of applications.
§590.205   Notice of applications.
§590.206   Notice of procedures.
§590.207   Filing fees.
§590.208   Small volume exports.
§590.209   Exchanges by displacement.

§590.201   General.

(a) Any person seeking authorization to import or export natural gas into or from the United States, to amend an existing import or export authorization, or seeking any other requested action, shall file an application with the FE under the provisions of this part.

(b) Applications shall be filed at least ninety (90) days in advance of the proposed import or export or other requested action, unless a later date is permitted for good cause shown.

[54 FR 53531, Dec. 29, 1989; 55 FR 14916, Apr. 19, 1990]

§590.202   Contents of applications.

(a) Each application filed under §590.201 shall contain the exact legal name of the applicant, the names, titles, and mailing addresses of a maximum of two persons for the official service list, a statement describing the action sought from FE, the justification for such action, including why the proposed action is not inconsistent with the public interest, and the FE docket number, if applicable.

(b) Each application shall include the matters listed below to the extent applicable. All factual matters shall be supported to the extent practicable by the necessary data or documents. Copies of relevant documents filed or intended to be filed with FERC may be submitted to satisfy the requirements of this section. Topics to be addressed or described shall include:

(1) The scope of the project, including the volumes of natural gas involved, expressed in either Mcf or Bcf and their Btu equivalents, the dates of commencement and completion of the proposed import or export, and the facilities to be utilized or constructed;

(2) The source and security of the natural gas supply to be imported or exported, including contract volumes and a description of the gas reserves supporting the project during the term of the requested authorization;

(3) Identification of all the participants in the transaction, including the parent company, if any, and identification of any corporate or other affiliations among the participants;

(4) The terms of the transaction, such as take-or-pay obligations, make-up provisions, and other terms that affect the marketability of the gas;

(5) The provisions of the import arrangement which establish the base price, volume requirements, transportation and other costs, and allow adjustments during the life of the project, and a demonstration as to why the import arrangement is and will remain competitive over the life of the project and is otherwise not inconsistent with the public interest;

(6) For proposed imports, the need for the natural gas by the applicant or applicant's prospective customers, including a description of the persons who are expected to purchase the natural gas; and for proposed exports, the lack of a national or regional need for the gas; and

(7) The potential environmental impact of the project. To the extent possible, the application shall include a listing and description of any environmental assessments or studies being performed on the proposed gas project. The application shall be updated as the status of any environmental assessments changes.

(c) The application shall also have attached a statement, including a signed opinion of legal counsel, showing that a proposed import or export of natural gas is within the corporate powers of the applicant and a copy of all relevant contracts and purchase agreements.

(d) The Assistant Secretary or the Assistant Secretary's delegate may at any time require the applicant and other parties to make supplemental filings of additional information necessary to resolve issues raised by the application.

(e) All information and data filed in support of or against an application will be placed in the official FE docket file of the proceeding and will not be afforded confidential treatment, unless the party shows why the information or data should be exempted from public disclosure and the Assistant Secretary or Assistant Secretary's delegate determines that such information or data shall be afforded confidential treatment. Such determination shall be made in accordance with 10 CFR 1004.11.

[54 FR 53531, Dec. 29, 1989; 55 FR 18227, May 1, 1990]

§590.203   Deficient applications.

If an application is incomplete or otherwise deemed deficient, the Assistant Secretary or the Assistant Secretary's delegate may require the applicant to submit additional information or exhibits to remedy the deficiency. If the applicant does not remedy the deficiency within the time specified by the Assistant Secretary or the Assistant Secretary's delegate, the application may be dismissed without prejudice to refiling at another time.

§590.204   Amendment or withdrawal of applications.

(a) The applicant may amend or supplement the application at any time prior to issuance of the Assistant Secretary's final opinion and order resolving the application, and shall amend or supplement the application whenever there are changes in material facts or conditions upon which the proposal is based.

(b) The Assistant Secretary may for good cause shown by motion of a party or upon the Assistant Secretary's own initiative decline to act on, in whole or in part, an amendment or supplement requested by an applicant under paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) After written notice to FE and service upon the parties of that notice an applicant may withdraw an application. Such withdrawal shall be effective thirty (30) days after notice to FE if the Assistant Secretary does not issue an order to the contrary within that time period.

§590.205   Notice of applications.

(a) Upon receipt of an application, the FE shall publish a notice of application in the Federal Register. The notice shall summarize the proposal. Except in emergency circumstances, generally the notice shall provide a time limit of not less than thirty (30) days from the notice's date of publication in the Federal Register for persons to file protests, comments, or a motion to intervene or notice of intervention, as applicable. The notice may also request comments on specific issues or matters of fact, law, or policy raised by the application.

(b) The notice of application shall advise the parties of their right to request additional procedures, including the opportunity to file written comments and to request that a conference, oral presentation, or trial-type hearing be convened. Failure to request additional procedures at this time shall be deemed a waiver of any right to additional procedures should the Assistant Secretary decide to grant the application and authorize the import or export by issuing a final opinion and order in accordance with §590.316.

(c) Where negotiations between the DOE, including FE, and a foreign government have resulted in a formal policy agreement or statement affecting a particular import or export proceeding, FE shall include in the notice of application a description of the terms or policy positions of that agreement or statement to the extent they apply to the proceeding, and invite comment. A formal policy agreement or statement affecting a particular import or export proceeding that is arrived at after publication of the notice of application shall be placed on the record in that proceeding and the parties given an opportunity to comment thereon.

§590.206   Notice of procedures.

In all proceedings where, following a notice of application and the time specified in the notice for the filing of responses thereto, the Assistant Secretary determines to have additional procedures, which may consist of the filing of supplemental written comments, written interrogatories or other discovery procedures, a conference, oral presentation, or trial-type hearing, the Assistant Secretary shall provide the parties with notice of the procedures the Assistant Secretary has determined to follow in the proceeding and advise the parties of their right to request any additional procedures in accordance with the provisions of §590.310. The notice of procedures may identify and request comments on specific issues of fact, law, or policy relevant to the proceeding and may establish a time limit for requesting additional procedures.

§590.207   Filing fees.

A non-refundable filing fee of fifty dollars ($50) shall accompany each application filed under §590.201. Checks shall be made payable to “Treasury of the United States.”

§590.208   Small volume exports.

Any person may export up to 100,000 cubic feet of natural gas (14.73 pounds per square inch at 60 degrees Fahrenheit) or the liquefied or compressed equivalent thereof, in a single shipment for scientific, experimental, or other non-utility gas use without prior authorization of the Assistant Secretary.

§590.209   Exchanges by displacement.

Any importer of natural gas may enter into an exchange by displacement agreement without the prior authorization of the Assistant Secretary when the net effect of the exchange is no different than under the importer's existing authorization. An exchange by displacement is an arrangement whereby authorized imported volumes are displaced by other gas for purposes of storage or flexibility. The term of the exchange agreement may not exceed five (5) years, the volumes imported may not exceed the importer's existing import authorization, and no actual natural gas may flow across the United States border under the terms of the exchange agreement. Any importer who enters into an exchange agreement pursuant to this section shall file with FE within fifteen (15) days after the start up of the exchange, a written description of the transaction, the exact volume of natural gas to be displaced, the name of the purchaser, and the import authorization under which the exchange is being carried out.

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